Eleanor and Colett
Germany, Belgium
Drama, Biography
IMDB rating:
Bille August
Helena Bonham Carter as Eleanor Riese
Jonathan Kerrigan as Dr. Bardy
Richard Laing as Ben Clandon
Tim Plester as Robbie
Florence Bell as Karen Winkle
Michael Culkin as Judge Farelly
Daniel Steiner as Mr. Grainger
Tim Ahern as Radio Host
Jeffrey Tambor as Mort Cohen
Hilary Swank as Colette Hughes
Storyline: When patients' rights lawyer Colette Hughes goes to meet her new client, Eleanor Riese, a patient in the psychiatric unit of a San Francisco hospital, she has no idea that besides taking on an uphill legal battle to improve treatment for mental patients in hospitals, she is meeting a woman who will make it her mission to transform Colette's workaholic life.
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