Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Norman Taurog
Fred Clark as Donald J. Pevney
Issa Arnal as Robot
Sue Hamilton as Robot
Susan Hart as Diane
Mary Hughes as Robot
Luree Holmes as Robot
Dwayne Hickman as Todd Armstrong
China Lee as Robot
Salli Sachse as Robot
Frankie Avalon as Craig Gamble
Vincent Price as Dr. Goldfoot
Storyline: Dr. Goldfoot plans on taking over the world with his beautiful female robots, who seduce rich and powerful men. Robot #11/Diane is sent after millionaire Todd Armstrong. Secret agent Craig Gamble tries to stop the plot but ends up in the torture chamber with Armstrong. The parody of "The Pit and the Pendulium" is the highlight of the film which also includes bits by Annette Funicello, Harvey Lembeck and Deborah Walley.
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Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine (Norman Taurog, 1965) **
I had watched this maligned film's even more notorious sequel, DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE GIRL BOMBS (1966) – a most incongruous assignment for Italian genre stylist Mario Bava! – on late-night TV…so, whatever its quality, I was obviously interested in the original. Unfortunately, the edition I acquired is panned–and-scanned and, just now, I realized that both films, along with the TV special THE WILD, WEIRD WORLD OF DR. GOLDFOOT (1965), are available as a package on DivX! Oh, well…

Vincent Price was a fine actor but, whenever he turned to comedy, the horror icon was known to resort to ham – which he certainly does in this sci-fi comedy, mugging his way through the silly (if not entirely unamusing) proceedings. Of course, he's the mad scientist of the title – complete with Arabian-style golden shoes – who dispatches a number of female robots to lure wealthy bachelors into marriage so that they can eventually turn their assets over to them/him. Dwayne Hickman is one such target though, when a robot (engagingly played by luscious Susan Hart, who was actually the wife of top AIP executive James H. Nicholson) is sent out to find him, she actually bumps into Frankie Avalon first who, smitten with the girl, is determined to get to know her.

Soon, he and Hickman join forces and land in Dr. Goldfoot's mansion; the latter is hindered, more often than helped, by an inept assistant but nevertheless manages to imprison Hickman in his dungeon. Frankie's partner and nemesis (respectively) from his "Beach Party" series of films, Annette Funicello and Harvey Lembeck, unexpectedly turn up here in cameos as an in-joke! – but we also get copious (albeit deliberate) use of footage from Roger Corman's Edgar Allan Poe adaptation of PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1961), which had starred Price himself. Similarly, the portraits of Dr. Goldfoot's ancestors bear the looks of the actor in a number of his earlier horror pictures for AIP!

Fred Clark as Avalon's flustered uncle is typically good value: he's involved in a running gag which has him being hit by the door of his office and thrown clear across the room every time it's opened! For the record, the score (and title song) is very much of its time. The film, then, culminates in an elaborate car chase along the sloping streets of San Francisco (three years before the celebrated sequence in BULLITT [1968]) – before heralding an upcoming sequel which was to have been called THE GIRL IN THE GLASS BIKINI; actually, the craze for such cliff-hanging 'appetizers' begun by the James Bond films, was also adopted by the Matt Helm spy spoofs and even the "Beach Party" series itself!
Who's been hiding this campy classic?
My teenage son and I have been catching up on Vincent Price films thanks to cable TV. Most have been those cheesy Poe horror flicks from the 60s, but this one was something out of the ordinary! My son and I laughed all the way through, and at the end he declared, "This is probably the worst movie I've ever seen in my life!" This film gives Vincent Price a chance to spoof his own persona and he does it with relish. His comic timing is great, although his sidekick Jack Mullaney is disappointingly unfunny and un-Igorish. (If you want to see Mullaney in his creepy mode, find the BELFRY episode from the first season of Alfred Hitchcock.) Avalon and Hickman turn in their usual likable performances, and Susan Hart impresses with her varied accents and comic mugging.

The Supremes sing a horrible title song slightly off-pitch, and that theme dominates Les Baxter's jolly score. Various other beach party favorites make cameo appearances (and advertise a movie...THE GIRL IN THE GLASS BIKINI...which was never released). San Francisco looks great, with all the usual hillside chase clichés. The plot is so thin (actually full of holes) that it hardly bears thinking about.

It was also refreshing to be reminded that the standards for female beauty used to be more substantial than in our anorexic age.

The opening animated titles and the closing blackout dance sequence are also worth mentioning. All in all, a pleasant way to spend 90 minutes, if you miss the goofiness of the 1960s.
If you like Vincent Price, you got to see this! This is one of the best crazy comedies I have ever seen. It has all: sexy women like Susan Hart, good rocking group, one hopeless SIC-agent called 007 and a half and Vincent Price.

I loved this movie very much just because it´s so silly and there´s a lot to laugh about. It even rip-offs one of the greatest Price-film. Price is just so great and Susan Hart is so precious, oh man. This movie proves how swinging 60´s was.
Stupid but Fun
What can one say about this movie? It's ridiculous but iresistable. Vincent is always fun, the film has great color and location photography. A perfect time capsule of how much fun the '60s could be. The Les Baxter score and songs are great and the opening number, with the Supremes, no less, is a rockin' Baxter classic!
Drowning in Gags
If a little madcap is funny, then a whole lot more is going to be even funnier-- right? Not necessarily, as this movie demonstrates. The gags never let up, whether sight ones or the verbal kind. As expected, some are amusing, some aren't, but the unrelieved cascade does get tiresome. Unfortunately, there's little time in between to savor the better gags. They're simply overridden by the next splurge. At least there's plenty of eye candy, whether robots or not. If Susan Hart (Diane) is one, then I say "wire me up".

Forget what plot there is, something about a mad scientist taking over the world with sexy robots as enticement. Overall, the movie's a sloppy spoof of the James Bond craze then in fashion. At least the power mad idea gives the hammy Price a chance to let it all out, which he does. Too bad baldy Fred Clark doesn't get more screen time, as adept at comedy as he was at villainy. Meanwhile, Avalon and Hickman get to mug it up, relentlessly. And catch the clever credit crawl at the opening. Up to this period, production credits were done in predictably mechanical fashion. But not here.

Anyway, if you don't like this gag, another will quickly follow. Too bad the writers or whoever didn't pick up on the wisdom of more not necessarily being better.
Beach Blanket Bond? Pretty awful comedy with no real laughs to speak of.
As a big fan of vintage Vincent Price I just HAD to watch this one. As the robots created by Dr Goldfoot were obviously the major inspiration for Austin Power's fembots, you could quite rightly expect this to be an ultra-campy James Bond spoof like the Matt Helm (Dean Martin) and Flint (James Coburn) series that Mike Myers draws upon. Unfortunately after the swingin' title theme sung by The Supremes(!) it all goes rapidly downhill, and despite a fun premise it's basically a dull and unfunny mess. TV's Dobie Gillis Dwayne Hickman and Beach movie fave Frankie Avalon play a stupid playboy and a stupid spy respectively, who try and thwart the evil Dr Goldfoot (Vincent Price, in full on ham mode) who plans on conning millionaires around the world out of their money by seducing them with female robots created by his "bikini machine". I always enjoy watching Price, but this surely must be one of the worst movies he was ever involved in. Veteran director Norman Taurog, who made several Jerry Lewis and Elvis movies, is given a complete turkey of a script, and two awful performances by Hickman and Avalon, and there's not much that can be done to save it. Even so, Price fans will probably be able to sit through it without nodding off, and Susan Hart is pretty cute. Also keep an eye our for cameos by Annette Funicello and Harvey "Eric Von Zipper" Lembeck, and a laughable rock band called Sam and the Apemen. Somehow this rubbish was successful enough to warrant a sequel, directed by - would you believe it? - Mario Bava!
Practically any episode of "I Dream of Jeanie"...
...is better than either of the two "Dr. Goldfoot" movies.

"Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine" (1965) and "Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs" (1966) are spoofs of the early James Bond flicks and, to a lesser degree, the early 60's beach movies with Avalon & Funicello (mainly because Frankie stars in the first one and it shares the harmless, fun-spirited flare of the beach flicks). They're innocuous mid-60's slapstick comedies in the style of "I Dream of Jeanie", but extended to a full movie. Their main attraction can be found in their titles -- the 60's bikini-clad babes and Vincent price in the title role. Since I love both (and "I Dream of Jeanie") I figured I'd like these movies way more than I did, but I found them pretty forgettable, not to mention lame. Yes, I know, they're supposed to be lame, but there's good lame and bad lame and the two Dr. Goldfoot movies are mediocre lame, verging on bad.

The first movie takes place in San Francisco and the second one in Rome. These locations are highlights in addition to those already mentioned. These movies are also enjoyable as period-pieces as it's interesting to see the mid-60's styles, etc.

As far as the women go, I was a little disappointed with the first one in this respect; the second one is much better, not to mention it was directed by Mario Bava (which many insist is his worst film, lol).

At the end of the day, the Dr. Goldfoot movies are throwaway flicks, but they're worth catching for the highlights noted above, if you're in the right frame of mind.

The first movie runs 88 minutes and the second one 82 minutes.

Vincent Price, beautiful girls, a camp style and plenty of jokes that aren't funny
Vincent Price is an out and out legend, and unsurprisingly, this film is often neglected in discussions about the great actors output and that's a good thing, as it's not among his best work. The film is clearly not meant to be taken seriously and reminded me of Austin Powers, though not in a good way as it fails for all the reasons Austin Powers works. The film appears to be spoofing the likes of James Bond, but the jokes aren't funny and the spoofing is way off-cue. The plot revolves around a mad doctor using robots that look like beautiful girls to enslave powerful men (kind of like the Fembots in Austin Powers). The best thing about the film is, of course, Vincent Price and his hammy acting style is revved up the max for this one and it does actually work quite well. Or at least it would if the jokes were funny. Somehow American International Pictures managed to get The Supremes to sing the title song, and while it fits the camp style of the film; it's a highly irritating piece that is liable to get stuck in your head. It's even worse for me, not being a Supremes fan. As you can probably guess from the title, this is a highly camp film and that may appeal to some people, but as far as I'm concerned; it's is a dire comedy with little to recommend it for. Interestingly, the film received a sequel a year later that bizarrely was directed by the great Mario Bava. I've heard it's even worse than this one...but I know I'll still end up seeing it for the people involved.
It Was So Bad.... I Strangely Kind Of Liked It.
But in the kind of way people like hospital Jell-O. You take it simply because it's there.

A friend brought this over to my humble abode for what seems to be a new tradition of "Bad Movie Nights". This pithy little nugget is quite the mound of poo, but it was so laughably bad that, well, I pretty much laughed.

Hilarity and hi-jinks ensue as Diane the multi-accented robot (and Carmen Sandiego wardrobe impersonator) rips of the wealthy in the name of Dr. Goldfoot (and does he have a bikini machine... but hey, who doesn't have one these days?). The good doctor is played by Vincent Price, and our main hero is Sonic restaurant spokesman and beach movie veteran Frankie Avalon. So for the duration of the film, we get a Motown/claymation intro/theme song, a far out and utterly random dance moment, goofy plot devices, dungeons with motorcycle riders, a dense henchman, a Scooby Doo-esque graveyard, lots of girls in bikinis, quite possibly the longest and most improbable chase scene ever, and the fabled line "stop dinging that dong!" Ah, this is high comedy, or comedy created while someone was high. I'm not sure. It was slapstick that would have made Jerry Lewis very proud indeed.

If this never made it to MST3K, then it should have. My friends and I ripped into it with sarcastic glee. All we were missing were the robots. I was stunned about how laughably bad this film was, and yet when it was all over, I actually had a good time with the thing. This is definitely a film to watch if you enjoy hurling witty insults at bad films. Everyone else, run far away, but stay for that wacky theme song.
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