Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back
Drama, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Tom Wilkinson as Leslie
Freya Mavor as Ellie
Orion Lee as Lawrence
Gethin Anthony as Charlie
Aneurin Barnard as William
Marion Bailey as Penny
Marcia Warren as Margaret
Nigel Lindsay as Brian
Emma Campbell-Jones as William's Mum
Storyline: After another failed attempt to commit suicide, hapless writer William addresses the services of hired assassin Leslie, the inexorable angel of death from the Killers Guild, an organization that is ready to help anyone who needs a quick and painless death. Leslie has a good heart, but an unsteady hand. The authorities want to retire him, and the contract that has turned up is the only chance to postpone the inevitable. However, the case intervenes in the fortuity. The fate suddenly smiled to William: he falls in love. Written by Peter-Patrick76 (
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