Daddy's Home 2
IMDB rating:
Sean Anders
Mark Wahlberg as Dusty
Dylan Wise as Griffy
Kyle Tristan as Christmas Pageant Kid (as Kyle Tristan Wakefield)
Connor Wise as Griffy
Owen Vaccaro as Dylan (as Owen Wilder Vaccaro)
Didi Costine as Adrianna
John Cena as Roger
Andrea Anders as Principal Hayes
Will Ferrell as Brad
Mel Gibson as Kurt
Storyline: Having finally gotten used to each other's existence, Brad and Dusty must now deal with their intrusive fathers during the holidays.
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This was a truly hilarious movie. Although it is something that is rare to say, but this sequel was better than the first movie. It was fun and heartwarming with comedic surprises. All the actors did a phenomenal job with their roles. The movie was light-hearted fun, just like you would expect from a good movie of this genre. Once again, I am reminded why comedy movies are the best (in my opinion).
Cynical and dumb.
A depressingly nihilistic film that would have at least been commendable for its unabashed cruelty - that is, if an out-of-place clichéd 'happy ending' hadn't been tacked on. As such, it only works as an exercise in awkward gags and uncomfortable dramatic beats, hammering the final nails into the coffin of three careers while it's at it. Now, if you're looking for a darkly comic view at a dysfunctional family, you'll find this for the first half of the film. If you want an upbeat, feel-good family comedy, keep your fingers in your ears and your eyes 'wide shut' until the final twenty minutes. If you want a good Christmas film, I suggest you go home and put The Polar Express back in the DVD player.
Loved it
I really liked the first one and when I seen they made a second one I knew I had to see it so glad I did not disappointed at all well worth it GO SEE IT.Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg act together very well I hope they make a number 3 perfect choice Mel Gibson and John Lithgow great movie with the 4 of them I hope they make John Cena's part bigger and who could play his dad or even the wives who could play there dads lots of laughs in the movie
Daddys Home 2 (2017)
I loved the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg pairing in The Other Guys. It was honestly one of the funniest comedies of this past decade. The actors have good chemistry and can play off each other well. I didn't love the first Daddy's Home, but the film had enough decent comedic moments to keep me interested in a sequel, especially with the addition of MAD Mel Gibson and John Lithgow. Overall, its what you'd expect from the film, not overly memorable and gets lost along the way but it offers comedic moments and a good time.

It's holiday season and both Brad and Dusty are co-parenting their kids and seem to have found a common ground. Enter Both their dads (played by Gibson and Lithgow). This sudden shakeup provides to be a test for them and their families as they explore problems and try to find ways to have an awesome Christmas despite all the trials and shenanigans that now present themselves. Mel Gibson is not in many films these days so this was a pretty rare appearance for him. Also, we have more John Cena.

I feel like the jokes are at times predictable, however some of them are able to land. Its a film that didn't need a sequel especially a predominantly holiday themed film. Lithgow and Gibson and more Cena is nice, but you can't help but feel they needed better material and are wasted a bit in the film. The film can't help but feel formulaic at a time where a creative approach to a holiday comedy would have worked better. Its more or less on the level of the recent A Bad Mom's Christmas.

The film gets distracted with its Christmas theme and holiday shenanigans that at times it is at the expense of comedy. I think the film had the cast and makings of a better comedy but a bit of the potential is wasted. Don't get me wrong, its funny it just could have been much more with the talent at its disposal. Still overall, it makes for a decent viewing experience during this time of year.

Daddy's home for more family, sort of friendly, laughs
Dad's, the other half of the parental equation and perhaps one of the most dynamic job roles in the human repertoire. This responsibility is astounding for this job, each approached in a different way based on the personality of the dad. And just like the moms, Hollywood felt it was necessary to make a movie portraying this job, in an often-comical manner, to help portray the struggle and hopefully teach a lesson. Robbie K back in the movie theater trenches to review another hit feature entitled Daddy's Home 2 starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Will the dynamic duo get the magic right, or is this a series that needs a divorce? Read on to find out.


Fun: If you remember the first movie, you know that Daddy's Home is a very fun, cute film for a majority of the family. That same atmosphere comes off in this sequel, bringing the youthful adventure of the first film, but with a holiday twist and a grandparent theme done right. Our directing team did a nice job of integrating all these new components into a fast-moving tale that provides simplistic laughs, hard hitting banter, and a few heartwarming moments that just make you feel good, or at least accomplished that you aren't incompetent like these dads.

The Story: Yes, surprisingly Daddy's Home 2 has a story, albeit a simplistic one that focuses on emphasizing many things not to do with your kids, and sneaking in a few life lessons along the way. The tale continues from where we left off with our two dads becoming friends and trying to live life peacefully. But like the trailers portray, their dads arrive for the holidays and bring a whole new set of challenges. During the journey of surviving the holidays, Dusty and Brad begin to unravel more of their backstory and fears, all while facing the challenges of parenting young kids. As these challenges start to taper off though, the important family themed lessons begin to get doled out, to hopefully establish respect at the difficulties of fatherhood and family. Cheesy and run of the mill, yes. Enjoyable though, absolutely.

Integration of Characters: With their extended cast comes challenges of balance, and Daddy's Home 2 did a nice job integrating all their characters into the mix. Unlike the mother version of this movie (Bad Mom's Christmas), Daddy's Home 2 manages to give all the characters stories that interlink, pushing each person to develop themselves on some, often messed up, level. Sure, the wives needed some more screen time and development, but even these diluted tales fit well into the movie and keep pace with the comedic energy of the movie. The Grandfathers are even more impressively pushed into the tale, not only providing launch points for the comedic one-liners, but also helping with Dusty and Brad's own progression. And the kids as well fit perfectly into the mix, bringing with them issues, comedic jabs, and a cuteness factor to keep things interesting.


Stupid Comedy: Yes, Comedy is often a genre loaded with stupidity, but the presentation is what's important (see Thor Ragnarok for good presentation). Daddy's Home 2 traversed the path of over the top, ridiculous slapstick that is so stupid and unbelievable at points. While movies can suspend reality, these stunts were a little too far-fetched for me. Even worse, is that the stunts and comedic devices were super repetitive, lacking any clever twists or delivery to warrant bragging about. And while the simple comedy can be fun at times, it's sad to see such gestures over used when other movies have learned the art of comedy.

Impressionable habits: Daddy's Home 2 has plenty of annoying character quarks to make you grind your teeth to the nerves. Unfortunately, many of these annoyances come in the form of the bratty kids and the cruel, selfish tactics that they flaunt so well. While older audience members will hopefully know right from wrong, younger audience members may find these antics repeatable to the point of making them habits. And much like the comedy, these habits are over exaggerated, a little extreme, and eye rolling by the second or third portrayal. The movie does a poor job of showing punishment for these habits, and does a poor job of showing the right approach to dealing with these flaws. Guess it is a Will Ferrell movie, though right?

Trailers spoiled: We know trailers ruin surprises, but Daddy's Home 2 has given away a majority of the laughs for this movie. While the plot is relatively safe, much of the comedy can be seen, for free mind you, in the four or five circulating trailers. The result…are stale scenes that have already run the course before the film even starts. Fortunately, Mel Gibson's got some comedic gold hidden in the unaired sequences and the kids have a few zingers, but not enough to warrant this movie fresh if you watch television or YouTube enough.


Daddy's Home 2 doesn't deviate far from the formula that made the first one a success. Simplistic laughs, a nice family friendly story is all wrapped in the 90-minute run time to satisfy your movie craving. It's biggest strengths again are the fun atmosphere and well-balanced screen time of the cast. Unfortunately, these strengths are offset by ridiculous slapstick, impressionable annoyances, and stale comedy spoiled by the trailers. Certainly, this movie is a good holiday laugh fest, but this reviewer does not recommend a theater visit in his honest opinion, not with Thor 3 being much better in comedy.

My Scores are:

Comedy: 7.0 Movie Overall: 5.0
Cheap Gags, but Enjoyable None the Less
Daddy's Home 2 is very similar to its predecessor. If you liked the first one, you'll probably like the second. There are a ton of cheap gags and Will Ferrell gets in situations that should have left him hospitalized constantly. The introduction of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow as the grandfathers just takes the opposite dads concept to the extreme as they are even farther out versions of the Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell characters. Most of the jokes weren't worth more than a chuckle, with the exception of an extremely relatable thermostat bit. The ending was stretching the limits of believably, even for a ridiculous comedy, but all in all it was solid ideal entertainment.

Mel Gibson brought the best comedic moments, largely because he character was really playing into the Mel Gibson tough guy persona and it felt more natural than the other characters. Linda Cardellini was able to do more with her character as she was given a couple scenes alongside Alessandra Ambrosio, whose cameo was expanded into a full fledged role. Ambrosio was successfully hidden in her scenes to avoid exposing the fact that she is a model, not an actress. John Cena was also credited as returning in his cameo role as well, but I never saw him, though the other characters acted as though he was there.
Daddys Home 2: The CO-DUDS at Christmas
This is a sequel with some slapstick comedy.

The co-duds want to give their kids the perfect Christmas so they decide to celebrate together in one household (hooray!). The surprise is the grandfathers (Tough Mel Gibson & Sensitive John Lithgow) both arrive to join in the fun (hooray!). They all decide to go on a holiday to resolve the problem of whose house to have Christmas dinner at.

The film had moments of humour and I found myself laughing here and there, but I have an IQ of 30 and found it mainly boring.

Be aware that most of the best jokes were shown in the trailers (booooo!) It's a Christmas nonsense film (that time of year).

No out-takes! (Really?!)
Bad movie for children to watch
We had some hope this movie would be OK, but alas, it was raunchy, vulgar, and even lewd. I saw very young children coming in to watch this movie, being the 2nd one, I thought they probably knew what they were bringing these little ones to see. It hurt my heart to see the low and base behavior that was made to be funny.

Now, if the children repeat these things, will the parents laugh? How about what the young boy did after kissing the young girl? Do it in school and you will be tossed into a law suit.

Weird behavior between father and son, not to mention odd language. Mel Gibson acted drunk, not that he was suppose to be. Always laughing and showing bad adult behavior.

This definitely was not a movie for children under the age of 12 or 14. There were really young ones there at 5-6 years old and it hurt my heart to know these children were exposed to this type of behavior and their parents approving of it by taking them to it.
Not non-stop hilarious like its predecessor.
Daddy's Home 2 continues with the story of Brad(Will Ferrell), Dusty(Mark Wahlberg), Sara(Linda Cardellini), Dylan(Owen Vaccaro) & Megan(Scarlett Estevez), after the events of Daddy's Home(2015). Brad & Dusty have become successful co-dads. During Christmas break, Dusty's dad Kurt(Mel Gibson) & Brad's dad Don(John Lithgow), visit the family. This complicates things.

Daddy's Home 2 is an awesome film. Director Sean Anders has retained all the elements that made the 2015 original, such a laugh riot. The viewer is laughing heartily for most of the movie. However, the plot is very generic & just like any other holiday themed comedy. In fact, the story of this film is very similar to the recently released, A Bad Moms Christmas(2017). The absence of hilarious supporting characters like, Leo Holt(played by Thomas Haden Church in Daddy's Home[2015]), Dr. Francisco(played by Bobby Cannavale in Daddy's Home[2015]) & Griff(played by Hannibal Buress in Daddy's Home[2015]), considerably brings down the humor in this sequel. The performances are the highlight of the movie. Will Ferrell is spectacular as Brad. Mark Wahlberg is fantastic as Dusty. Ferrell & Wahlberg's on screen interactions, are an absolute delight to watch. Mel Gibson is superb as Kurt. John Lithgow is brilliant as Don. Linda Cardellini is excellent as Sara. Alessandra Ambrosio is impressive as Karen. Owen Vaccaro, Scarlett Estevez & Didi Costine are adorable as Dylan, Megan & Adrianna, respectively. John Cena is hysterical as Roger. Daddy's Home 2 is a must watch for fans of Daddy's Home(2015). Just lower your expectations a bit.
The daddy rivalry that made the first film funny is over as we have moved on to co-dads. They decide to spend Christmas together as a single family than as two families and then they get news the grand dads are coming for Christmas, most likely because Sean Anders scripted this film in the cubicle next to "Bad Mom's Christmas." Mel Gibson plays Mark Wahlberg's father and it was as bad as it sounds. John Lithgow is Will Ferrell's father, a polar opposite of Mel Gibson.

The writers quickly ran out of formula humor for this group and felt they needed to bring in John Cena to place Wahlberg in Will Ferrell's position, something that worked out to be far less funny than it sounds. Gibson badgering his son and their bad relationship took up the bulk of the film.

Guide: No F-words, sex, or nudity.