Drama, Thriller
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Aaron Boltz
Michael Stephen Thomas as Detective Drisco
Madelyn Russell as Maddie Anderson
Gracie Russell as Gracie Anderson
Mara Hernandez as Church Attendee
Jesse Moon as Officer Horn
Jon Conner as James
Aaron Bennett as Deacon Fry
Ashton Leigh as Erica Anderson
Jez'Reel Venegas as Ashley Weathers
Storyline: What if you had to wake up on the same day over and over? What if that day was the day your wife was murdered? Could you stop it?
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You're Tearing Me Apart
I always get excited when I find a movie that hasn't been reviewed on IMDb but my excitement is USUALLY short-lived when I realise why no one has reviewed it yet. If you can't say anything nice... don't say anything at all! I apologise to the cast and crew of this film who have obviously put a lot of effort into it, only to be criticized by a nobody like me who is STILL sitting on his arse... but I only sat through 100 mins of discomfort because I enjoy writing reviews for bad movies. I can only recommend this film to friends and family of the cast and crew. I can't imagine why anyone else would want to follow in my footsteps. I'm trying to save my fellow horror/thriller fans from wasting their time.

CONTRITION is merely a poor-man's cross between Groundhog Day & Fatal Attraction. It has a p**s-weak "religious bent" that goes absolutely nowhere! It's got something to do with the seven deadly sins and yet not all of the sins are represented clearly... let alone cleverly! I can't help but feel that this film was written by Christians or Catholics who are trying to scare us out of infidelity... and doing a horrible job! As IMDb's synopsis dictates, this film is about a guy who wakes up on the day his wife is murdered... over and over again. He starts doing drastic things before doing obvious things... LIKE STAYING HOME AND STAYING BY HER SIDE! All of the actors have moments where their acting is okay... and moments where their acting is atrocious. The script is USUALLY at fault. Josh Hodgins (who co-wrote the script) portrays the main character. He puts me in the mind of Ricky Gervais' David Brent from The Office... but with no redeeming qualities. The best actor is probably Ashton Leigh (who plays the alienated wife)... but her character is totally unbelievable... as is the secretary. I hate to sound like a bitter, shallow, sexually- frustrated loser in his early 30's... BUT they should've either gotten a better looking dude to play the main character or fuglier chicks to play his leading ladies. I'm not buying it for a minute Josh! I was waiting for a decent twist but it never presented itself! I can't say any more without adding a spoiler alert and that's not my style. I'd rather just save you the bother.

In closing... CONTRITION is not remotely spooky or gory. It is however a bit creepy and boring! At one stage there's blood on a knife and it looks like strawberry jam! Enough said?

I should've just watched Groundhog Day for the hundredth time. It's like I can feel you inside me... and I wish I were dead!
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