Coin Heist
Crime, Family
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Emily Hagins
Sasha Pieterse as Dakota
Joseph Harrell as Police Officer
Sage Kirwan as Simone
Justin Mark as Ethan
Shoba Narayanan as Junibel
And Palladino as Partygoer
Alex Maizus as Chaddie
Peter Benson as Mr. Cunningham
Mark Blum as Mr. Smerconish
Blanche Baker as Mrs. Cunningham
Slate Holmgren as Horace
Storyline: United by dire circumstances, four unlikely allies from a Philadelphia prep school - the hacker, the slacker, the athlete, and the perfect student - band together to attempt the impossible: steal from the U.S. Mint.
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Netflix misses the mark for once
The moment I see the words "Netflix Original" in the title of a movie, I am immediately interested. This movie misses the mark in almost every category. Surprising because Netlox Original movies and shows have been some of the best programs I have ever seen. This movie is horrible. I thought it to be such a clever idea, a heist movie for younger viewers, but I can't imagine any young viewer getting past the first couple minutes, there is absolutely nothing in this movie that will interest anyone of any age. It's a shame because I thought it to be such a fresh, New idea. So many important aspects of the movie are left out, probably due to it being low budget, but it expects you to take too many things for granted. The actors are not believable, the scenes are not believable. The movie only gives you several minutes of the heist. I am so surprised that Netflix allowed this movie to make it through. Too bad.
Good Heist Story with Decent Characters
If you can appreciate a decent heist story pulled of by decent teenage characters, without Hollywood production values, then you should really give this a try.

Emily Hagins wrote and directed and I think she did a fine job with the adaptation from a novel. The narrative had a strong even pace and it never dragged. The young actors gave it their all, and I think they pulled it off just fine.

Don't be too critical of these small indie efforts, and you'll find a gem or two. "Coin Heist" may not have the huge budget that the "Oceans" series had, but the story was just as interesting and just as well told.

Enjoy it.
Great Setup/Acting, But Fizzles As It Comes To Finish Line
There are enough things inherent in "Coin Heist" that it really shouldn't work. The plot is outlandish, the ending descends into schmaltz, and (at heart) it's a teen coming-of-age drama (not like there are any of those floating around these days). However, despite all the unevenness and clichés, "Coin Heist" still manages to at least be entertaining due to the great acting and slickness of the setup.

For a basic plot summary (no spoilers), "Coin Heist" sees Jason (Alex Saxon) struggling with the reality that his father has been stealing from his high school's endowment, leaving the father in prison and the school in danger of shutting down. After a field trip to the U.S. mint, however, Jason's friend Alice (Alexis G. Zall), a hacker at heart and in skill, devises a plan to infiltrate the mint and print some rare coins that can be sold to save the school. The plan will only work, however, if they can also rope in organization queen Dakota (Sasha Pieterse) and outsider Benny (Jay Walker).

For the first half or so of "Coin Heist", I was invested in the characters and their mission. The producers do a great job of setting up the backgrounds of each character, and I really felt like they could be real high-schoolers. Sure, their mission is highly improbable, but that's what cinema is all about, right?!

The problem, however, is that after that roughly half-way point my investment really started to wane for two reasons:

1. The build-up to the caper was much more interesting than the caper itself; and 2. I felt that the ending descending into a bit too much hijinx and corniness for my liking. I realize this is a film directed at teens, so perhaps it plays a bit better to that demographic, but for an older viewer it seemed like a bit of a letdown to build up these great characters and then have them, in most cases, succumb to the tropes of the genre I was afraid would happen from the get-go.

So, while I can easily give "Coin Heist" a slightly-better-than-average 6 out of 10 stars here, I feel that it failed to take that "next step" into the greatness range due to its "running out of steam" in the latter portion. The target audience (teens) may disagree with me here, of course.
Ocean's 4
Four high school teens discover the mint has lax security. Their private school needs $10 million dollars and they take it upon themselves to print error coins to sell as collector's items.

The whole premise is ridiculous. It is a story of teens coping with life by uniting in a criminal project. Fair acting, but nothing great. Ending was a bit messed up.
This isn't the "family fun" Italian Job you were expecting
Anyone who sees Coin Heist needs to have clear expectations as to what this film is and isn't. They should know going in to not expect the greatest heist movie you've ever seen or expect the production value to match some of Netflix's finest originals. Then again, it's definitely not the worst - it meets at an in-between mediocre groove that neither provides the audience with anything worth seeing and also doesn't "hurt" the viewer.

Right off the bat, the film's biggest flaw is its weak script and honestly cringe-worthy dialogue (more in the first half of the movie). The premise itself isn't inherently terrible but a few minutes into the movie, the audience will be able to tell it was written very poorly. Very, very poorly. Since this is such a big flaw, the movie itself suffers as a whole and doesn't make a great time.

That being said, there are some saving graces that make it easy to watch. First, the performances in general weren't bad. Particularly a few of the leads were actually good and the cast's effort in trying to sell the plot actually turned out believable in many cases. It's just a shame some decently talented actors are in a blander film then they should be. Second, it's shot consistency well throughout the picture. The cinematography and "look" to the film includes vibrant and visually compelling shots that make it even easier to watch. The editing also reflects a straightforward, precise feel that helps the film move at a very comfortable place that leaves no room for boredom.

If anyone is looking for an easy to watch, substance free flick to play at a party for some background entertainment, this will do just fine. If they're looking for a more well written movie to have a better time with and enjoy more thoroughly, this is far from it. Despite its strengths, the terrible writing does indeed place this movie in the "negatives" but definitely isn't the worst you'll find. All in all, it would be best to pass on this one since there are just so many better Netflix originals out there.
A Netflix Original That Just Doesn't Work
"Coin Heist" has so much potential given the premise. Four students endeavor to save their school financially by breaking into a US government mint and producing "error" coins that can be sold for millions. As it turns out, the father of one of these students embezzled $10M from the school's endowment fund, necessitating the operation.

Given the interesting and promising premise, this film could have been so much better. Instead, it is bogged down with horrible and banal dialogue that takes the audience nowhere. Also, there are scenes that are downright silly--the US government mint's only security seems to be two inept guards at the front desk and nothing else. Four teens can wander around the mint in this post 9/11 world without being questioned or even noticed. There doesn't even appear to be any cameras in place. How convenient, if you're a teen wanting to rob the place. There are also overly done stereotypes, the black kid from the wrong side of the tracks who is harassed by the rich white kid and the angst-ridden computer nerd.

Overall, the cast does a pretty good job with the material they are given; they are believable in their roles. Unfortunately, they are mired in a movie that just doesn't work.
Some kind of cute movie
It makes some emotion on my heart but I wait a breaking point in the film. It is a cute movie. If there is a unexpected scenes, may receive much more ratings. Playings and artists quite enough. Anyway, I enjoy while watching it. Sasha is very beautiful and Alex is very handsome. Maybe the film finished with they are together.
Not what it could have been
Browsing the streaming options I happened along this film, being a fan of "Who's minding the mint" (1967) i decided to give "Coin Heist" a try, while it started out good the film lacks direction, it tries to be too much, a comedy, a heist film and a teen romance movie all in one package and falls short on all three counts, while the actors played their rolls well, Sasha Pieterse as Dakota was miscast and out of place as a high school aged character, her performance was good but she was just not the right person to fill the role. The film took time to develop the characters and the plot but at the end everything was rushed and just pushed out to fit the running time, could have used 10 or 15 more minutes to provide a more satisfactory ending. The story had potential but falls short in the end.
Ruined family night
Decided to watch this with the family, and in turn I got nothing but a wasted night. Took time out of my busy day to sit down, get popcorn to watch a movie that failed in every aspect. Thanks for a ruined night, Coin Heist. I don't appreciate it.

The actors themselves were horrible, as well as the writing, which was more than terrible. Next time I'll watch a movie worth 1 hour and 39 minutes of my time - this one, although, was not!
Could Use Some Punch
United by dire circumstances, four unlikely allies from a Philadelphia prep school - the hacker, the slacker, the athlete, and the perfect student - band together to attempt the impossible: steal from the U.S. Mint.

I was drawn to this film because the director is somewhat of a celebrated figure. Everyone, myself included, is waiting to see if this apparently child prodigy makes a big name for herself in the world of film. So far she has done alright, but has not landed that one big hit quite yet.

This film goes through the motions, but ultimately could have been something made for ABC Family. I wish the "heist" part of the film had more punch. The danger is never really played up, and the consequences never seem all that dire, even though this must be an awfully illegal thing to even plan, let alone follow through on.