Crime, Drama, Action
IMDB rating:
Brian Skiba
Lochlyn Munro as Jones
Casper Van Dien as Javier
Kip Pardue as Uncle Ray
Storyline: Zoey, an up and coming mixed martial arts fighter, gives up her dream of fighting in a worldwide mixed martial arts tournament to fight in the seedy, underground world of mixed martial arts fighting after her father is killed by the Russian mob associated with the underground fighting world. She battles a lot of fighters in many different venues to get the ultimate fight, a fight with the people responsible for her father's death.
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Resolution 720x304 px
File Size 1393 Mb
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Bitrate 2071 Kbps
Format avi
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HQ DVD-rip 720x304 px 1393 Mb mpeg4 2071 Kbps avi Download

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