Burlesque Assassins
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Brendan Hunter as Clone of Hitler
Carrie Schiffler as Katerina Molotov
Storyline: The Burlesque Assassins. Beautiful, deadly and a vital weapon in the war on communism that threatens the free world. Set in the 1950s, this tale of cold war espionage and intrigue follows superspies Johnny Valentine, Koko La Douce, Bombshell Belle and new recruit Bourbon Sue as they seduce their way within killing distance of a trio of villainy bent on global domination. See the fatal fan dance of Koko La Douce! See the brutal boa of Bombshell Belle! Witness firsthand the carnage and the cleavage as the enemies of The Burlesque Assassins discover that when it comes to these women, LOOKS CAN KILL!
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Too cute and witty!
This film was so much fun to watch and easily better than much of what come out of the larger firms. Loved it!

It was well thought out and easily worth the watch. I look froward to watching it again and again. It was so refreshing to see a film that allows for such intelligent humour and brilliant direction. My only complaint is that the release was not wide enough to allow many of my friends all over the world to share in the laughs. This film is a brilliant watch for anyone who has been near the Burlesque scene. I hope that eventually you all have a chance to see Burlesque Assassins. I know it means a great deal to me.
Burlesque, and a bunch of jokes kind of.
I gave it 20 minutes. Not my thing. It is a campy Pink Flamingo style noiresque make believe cold war fight to save the free world from Hitler's clone, and Mussolini's son. No stand out performances to speak of, and the songs didn't get me at all.I just didn't find it funny enough to keep my attention. The dancing is great, and everyone is trying really hard to put on a show, but the sets look like cardboard so nothing feels real, or even like you are looking back through time. If you really like the Suicide Girls then you will like this, but if you want anything smart, or in anyway properly thought out, then you will not Enjoy this.
incredibly bad, but credibly good
Exactly what this bizarre film is, or attempts to be, is hard to say. Amateurish and inept beyond description, it has the feel of not exactly a very bad high school play, but more like the first rehearsal for a very bad high school play. But then about half way through the unremittingly cartoonish awfulness of it all I got the sense of a hidden subtext much like when watching a sneakily religious or political movie. It was only when I saw the credits that I figured it out, I think. This was apparently made by a group of Canadian Burlesque aficionados. Who knew there was such a thing? Only the Burlesque dancing itself (G rated nippleless striptease) is given any serious attention at all. The girls are indeed beautiful and skilled, they each did their own remarkable choreography, and everything else on the screen just didn't matter to the filmmakers. And I guess doesn't matter, after all, to me. I wish they had made a frank and personal documentary about themselves instead of such a witless farce, I would be quite interested to know the talented real women dancers behind all this muddle, but hey kids, dance on, strip on and have fun. Just don't call it anything like a real movie.
U gotta c this !!!
This movie is a cartoon told with real actors! Which makes it a true joy to watch ..... and the laffs are plenty!

The Burlesque Assassins are an underground special agent troupe of high end strippers who's mission is to assassinate the clones of Hitler, Stalin, and Moussolini. This in itself is enough to get you to watch this wacky story. But there's more!

Their boss Johnny Valentine must dress incognito, and one of the strippers is a novice at espionage! She must learn on the job!

If the story is too wack for you then watch it for the classic burli'q stripping - they do a great job!
Buxom beauties
This movie is a mix of Charlie's Angels meets the burlesque world as these trained assassins join forces to fight the evil doers of War World II. The cinematography is incredible and this break out film for director Jonathan Joffe is top notch. It mixes sexy ladies, comedy, and a believable tale into a light hearted look into a simpler time when the good guys were good and the bad were bad. From the vintage cars, close, and buxom beauties, Burlesque Assassins is a class act. I saw it as part of the Southern Fried Burlesque festival in Atlanta Georgia and was the perfect kick off for a first class showcase of the best that burlesque has to offer.
A burlesque film with fabulous performances
May have spoilers :

A fabulous espionage satire with burlesque beauties out to save the world.

Roxi D'Lite as Bourbon Sue and cameo's from Miss Exotic World 2002 Kitten de Ville, in addition to Swiss temptress Koko la Douce and England's own Kiki Kaboom.

Do not expect over the top fighting sequences but what you do get is lots of phoney blood squirting from headless necks, amputated limbs and other graphic wounds which was very entertaining.

If you like inappropriate humour and tongue-in-cheek sensuality then you will enjoy this film.
could not even manage 5 mins, been on IMDb for a long time an only after viewing this i have felt compelled to make a statement, i may be on my own here but i have watched some drivel, and to the end, but this? please , director/producer, have a little respect for the audience to torment with this. i have to make 10 lines to put this review on here and can think of nothing more to say, so here is some waffle, how does a film like this get released? surely the budget guy must be wetting his pants thinking this movie could claw some of the budget back. please, take it away, re-shoot and re-edit it so us generic public can enjoy what is, in a positive sense, a good storyline.
entertainment gold!!!
This movie is one of the most entertaining,funny,sexy films I have seen in a long time... The director is amazing and cute as a button! I really hope they make a Burlesque 2 because I cant get enough of those beautiful dancers! Im guessing they had a kick ass craft service person because everyone looks very well fed..I wish more people would make films about the fine art of Burlesque. It shows women you can be hot and appealing at any size big or small. Roxie Delight is very funny and sexy I was surprised at the range of her acting ability.I have since been a follower of her website and it is very entertaining. Go see this film!!!
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