Blade Runner 2049
USA, UK, Canada, Hungary
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Denis Villeneuve
Robin Wright Penn as Lieutenant Joshi
Tómas Lemarquis as File Clerk
Mackenzie Davis as Mariette
Sallie Harmsen as Female Replicant
Dave Batista as Sapper Morton
Mark Arnold as Interviewer
Wood Harris as Nandez
Hiam Abbass as Freysa
Jared Leto as Niander Wallace
Storyline: Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos. K's discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.
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Boring Movie
It is not even worth watching. Spend your 2 hours and 45 minutes watching paint dry or water freezing into ice. Or watch Disney on ice, that one is even better than this. Me and 2 mates went for this movie after work , thankfully the meal and beer before the movie , saved the evening for us. Will not watch this ever again.
Blade Runner 2049 - Movie Review: A New-Age Sci-Fi Classic
For film fanatics like myself, Blade Runner 2049 is a great film for people to see, regardless if they've witnessed the original or not. On the other hand, if you've never seen the original Blade Runner and are just a casual moviegoer that have thought of the promotion for this film as being an action-packed thrill ride, then I'd have to warn to stay far away from this near three hour motion picture. It's very hard to review this film without getting into specific plot details, but that's exactly what makes this film worth the price of admission alone. For nearly every reason a film fan should be excited about a movie, here is why Blade Runner 2049 is a must see as soon as possible.

Before dropping you into this world with Ryan Gosling's character, there is text at the beginning that will fill you in on the history of the events in the past, but even though that information is given to you, your experience just won't be the same without having viewed the first film multiple times and remembering the emotional core of it. Set out on a mission to find something of meaning to the overall story, Ryan Gosling's character (who will remain nameless for the sake of this review) uncovers mysteries and secrets from the past, inevitably involving Rick Deckard. Quite honestly, that's the plot in a nutshell and the specifics of the film will lead to ruining your experience, so let's get technical.

If not for anything else, Blade Runner 2049 benefits from some of the best cinematography I've laid my eyes on in years. From the addition of the seamlessly blended visual effects, to the mind- blowing scenery constructed by the entire art department, I have nothing but praise for this film. Whether or not you find yourself enjoying your experience, the visuals alone should have you applauding, due to their incredibly detailed nature. I personally found the overall film to be magnificent, but when certain scenes were dialogue-free and asking you to gasp at the imagery, that's exactly what I was doing, as I feel many audiences members will.

Again, without giving anything away, once Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) enters the picture, the way both films sort of interconnect was brilliant in my opinion. It does justice to any loose ends that fans may have wanted in the past, as well as create a new story to gawk at in the process. With a terrifically restrained performance by Ryan Gosling, you'll find yourself sucked into this world as a fly on the wall, as he uncovers these mysteries. With the addition of Harrison Ford giving one of his most sincere and memorable performances, as well as Ana de Armas in a role that really took me by surprise, this film was casted to the nines from beginning to end. Some may complain about Jared Leto and Dave Bautista not being included as much, but I felt as though the served the story quite nicely.

In the end, this movie aims to impress Sci-Fi fans across the world, but I feel as though the people who will be looking back on this as a possible classic or at least one of the best sequels ever made, are those who've had the pleasure of indulging in the greatness that is 1982's Blade Runner. I don't say this about films very often, especially when talking about sequels, but I haven't been this immersed in a theatrical experience in quite some time. This is definitely a superior film than the original, it's one of the best films of 2017, and I'll be revisiting it very soon. Blade Runner 2049 is getting a lot of praise and awards consideration from critics and filmgoers across the world, and every bit of it is deserved. Aside from being very long, this is pretty much a perfect film if you don't try to nitpick how it connects and certain questions that aren't blatantly answered. If you know what type of film you're in for, or you've at least seen the original and enjoyed it, I can't recommend this movie enough.
Wash, rinse and repeat – the same ideas endlessly!
After seeing Alien: Covenant and (over the weekend) Blade Runner 2049, I have lost a lot of respect for Ridley Scott. I feel all he does is wash, rinse and repeat the same ideas over and over and over again, without a fresh idea in his head. In the Alien series (for example), how many times can we watch a bunch of space cowboys land on an alien planet and get infected by an alien (or xenomorph-like) virus? With Blade Runner 2049, the "long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos" is procreation among Replicants. Are you serious? This concept has been exhausted endlessly in science fiction over in past 20 plus years! Largely, during Battlestar Galactica, the 2004 television series, procreation among humans and human Cylons. I also remember seeing something very simular when I was a kid, back in the early 90s, in SeaQuest, procreation among their version of Replicants, known as G.E.L.F, genetically engineered lifeforms. All these ideas were cool back in the 80s and 90s, but seriously, are movies today completely incapable of keeping up with the times! God, it's frustrating! Blade Runner 2 really deserved better! I feel it's the same with Star Wars right now, I mean, how many times can the Rebel Alliance destroy a Death Star? We're on 4 times now. Why are we incapable of coming up with any fresh ideas for film?

If you want to see a good film (and enjoy movies like Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2) go see Thor: Ragnarok instead and have a laugh. Blade Runner 2049 is a wait to see on DVD!
excruciatingly slow and morose
The only reason I gave this a 2, instead of a 1 is for the excellent sound editing. This is an excellent example of a horrific lack of good editing. It was at least an hour too long. How this movie got anything over a 4 is mind boggling! People must be judging it on the special effects alone. I disliked this for so many reasons. The story has too many flaws, the pacing is excruciatingly slow, all the characters are one dimensional, there is almost no meaningful dialogue, the violence is unnecessarily graphic, all the women are depicted as either psychopathic killers or prostitutes (with only one exception, the pitiful "dreamer").

I could have had a more enjoyable experience watching an episode of CSI. It was like they couldn't decide whether to be a sequel or a horror movie, sequel won, but horror movie would have worked better. There were so many scenes that would have benefited from a jump scare. It was filmed as such, with the creepy music (again the best part), the character standing alone with vast empty spaces behind them with unknown people chasing them. But they just left the character standing there. It was like a bunch of jokes with no punchlines.

The holographic girlfriend was annoying and pointless and who didn't see her demise coming a mile away. Yawn.

Ryan Gossling gets more unattractive to me with each additional bad movie. If I was Harrison Ford I would have punched him for real too.
What a disappointment.
I am one of the biggest Blade Runner fans on the planet. My license plate reflects that. I had no intention of watching another "Blade Runner" movie, since, well, it was done. But when I found out Harrison Ford was attached to the project, I knew it had to be something special. He had vowed he would never reprise that role. I wish he hadn't. This movie is a lot like the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". Things randomly happen for no apparent reason. It is completely disjointed. It played like a script by committee. I was going to wait to buy a DVD box set until this was added. I won't anymore. This will never be be a classic. 3 hours of my life I will never get back. It was pointless.
My Advice For Hollywood BR2049 Edition
I have noticed a trend that is choking Hollywood and mainstream film making and I would like to address it. Hollywood is making money now, but slowly and surely the movie watching public is awakening to what is happening and this is going to spell trouble for Hollywood. So, after coming back from Blade Runner this evening I want to make the following points: 1- Not every film needs a sequel 9or prequel or remake or whatever). The first Blade Runner was indeed impressive (if we ignore the happy ending and unicorn of the theatrical release). It was supported by a Dick novel and great acting by the likes of Rutger Hauer and Edward James Olmos. Vangelis' score was peerless and so was the vision of the future. yet, did it beg for a sequel? No, absolutely no. BR 2049 has fantastic, truly superb, CGI, that is large and impressive, but that is all it has going for it.

2- Length. Directors have been making films longer and longer. This may be warranted here and there, but let me be honest. I dozed off once for 10-15 minutes. Please stop making these films longer and longer. You are not Kurosawa and this is not Seven Samurai.

This is not the worst film of the decade (that award probably goes to The Force Awakens by cover version promoter JJ Abrams just for sheer plagiarism and the studio's lie that it is a sequel while it was a reboot), but other than moments of genius, a good CGI and an underlying important message BR 2049 suffers from too many flaws.

Thanks for reading.
Good Atmosphere, but not a good movie.
Blade runner was not an enjoyable movie for me. People are praising the atmosphere. They are correct to do so, however there is more to a movie then atmosphere.

The movie was really slow, even boring. I think it really comes down to three things. The atmosphere was dark and depressing, the plot was very slow to develop, the main character was unemotional. Any one of those things, or even two and it could still have worked, but with all three makes the movie slow and plodding. And that is besides the fact that the thing the bad guy was after just did not make sense, and they covered it up by making him not wholly rational even though he was a CEO of one of the largest companies on Earth.

The original movie was good in large part because of the gray, because of the unknowns in it. Were Replicants machines or not? Was Decker a Replicant or not? Was what he was doing right or not? The new one has a more cookie cutter plot, there are bad guys and good guys and they make clear early on that the Replicants are human.
Great visuals but ...............
Plenty of raving reviews, but I do not agree with the masterpiece verdict by many reviewers. The original was complex, but yet simple to understand, and as the plot unfolds, the story engages you through the film. This sequel looks fantastic , and the performances are great, yet something is missing. A straight forward plot, with a flowing script would have a made a huge difference. Sitting through 150 minutes of drama, yet struggling to make sense of it, seems to me that the maker failed in the business of screen story telling. I was disappointed and found the first film so much better than this big budget fare. Dalton trumbo please help us as today's science fiction big budget films are in the main failing to be anything like as entertaining as they should be. Better script writers & screen story tellers are so important,yet it seems that simplicity is being substituted by muddled messy big budget effects, all for the sake of being so much cleverer than the dumb audience. Alfred Hitchcock knew how to make a film, a pity a few of these over hyped directors, don't have a rethink on what it takes to entertain an audience . I am more than ever mistrusting so called master reviewers !!!!
Giving Back To Hollywood
Who amongst us has not been entertained and received hours and hours of joy by Hollywood? The big American studios have given us moments of fun, joy and amazement. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! you are sirs to us plebs. You are philanthropists to us whores. You are scientists to us thieves.

It is time for us to give back to you (on top of your mansions, liberty to depict brown people as terrorists and freedom to insert as many subtle Jewish references and characters as you want into each film). You are just not appreciated enough. You are just not thanked enough (we know the cinema chains keep all the revenue from the styrof, er I mean popcorn).

I will do my best to give you some masturbatory enjoyment and a respite of heavenly proportions even if it is for a moment as a sign of gratitude. So here goes (feel your climax coming):











How was it? Was it good for you?? And you didn't even have to pay the critics to write hyped reviews or send hourly contractors to spam the web with good reviews. You are welcome madam Kennedy and sirs.

As for BR2049: thank-you very much for this sequel. Your responsiveness to the mass demonstrations, petitions, sit-ins, masses clamoring, begging, cajoling and demanding and finally making it is very appreciated. You are da best!!

The film was NOT boring. The film was NOT too long (it had a read good story) The film had a definite conclusion justifying my paying $15 to watch it. The film all made sense. The film added something to the Blade Runner story, had better music than Vangelis' and of course showed Philip K Dick what he was missing.

Oh yeah!

-Signed: getting ready to watch the next 10 Star Wars sequels/remakes (that will NOT be boring of course)

PS: F originality PPS: FOAD to new ideas PPPS: down and death to creativity
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