Beauty and the Beast
Fantasy, Romance, Family, Musical
IMDB rating:
Bill Condon
Ewan McGregor as Lumière
Ray Fearon as Père Robert
Luke Evans as Gaston
Haydn Gwynne as Clothilde
Dan Stevens as Beast
Gerard Horan as Jean the Potter
Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts
Emma Watson as Belle
Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza
Josh Gad as Lefou
Hattie Morahan as Agathe / Enchantress
Audra McDonald as Madame Garderobe
Kevin Kline as Maurice
Ian McKellen as Cogsworth
Storyline: Disney's animated classic takes on a new form, with a widened mythology and an all-star cast. A young prince, imprisoned in the form of a beast, can be freed only by true love. What may be his only opportunity arrives when he meets Belle, the only human girl to ever visit the castle since it was enchanted.
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Not too bad. But I personally felt that the 1991 version is still the best
I think the problem with Disney live-action remakes, is that there's such awkwardness in the layout, I personally felt that in the case of Beauty and the Beast, the live-action version can't "perform" the story very well, it appears to me that they are trying to tell the story with a fusion that combines animation, movie and musical, a bit of everything in everywhere, however I don't really enjoy this experience. The actors and actresses were fine considering the demands and preference of the audiences (consumers), some of them did very well, Like Gaston and LeFou. I think that Emma Watson looks very pretty on screen as Belle, and her singing is okay, but I personally felt that her acting is very stiff, her singing skills is very much not enough for a musical. She is a very successful and smart celebrity, I think she is a very good fashion and makeup model too, but her performances (including Harry Potter, etc) on screen I've seen so far, haven't appear to me as a professional/convincing actress at all, I never seen her looking like she is doing (performing, acting) something she believes. As Belle Emma Watson sometimes looks miserable, like she is forcing her face to hold on expression(disgusted, love, sad, etc.) that she was told to. I felt that my money spent on the movie ticket was burned watching her performance, and this isn't the first time at all when it comes to movies that has her in the cast, I remember feeling really angry last time when I saw her performance in Harry Potter- The Goblet of Fire, because I can't believe I spent money to get to watch such unprofessional performance of a pretty "actress" like her on a mainstream movie, and now in B&TB she hasn't improve at all.

Overall I think everything on the screen appears to be pretty but also boring (awkward). I personally much prefer the 1991 version, for me it is one of the best from Disney. I kind of wish they didn't do the remake.
Fake historical facts, zero original music, average actors. Disappointed
Once again I was convinced that Hollywood is dead. First of all, main the Beast and the Beast auditory are kids and teenagers from age 6 to age 18. So no big expectation for adult auditory. It is not supposed to be masterpiece of all times. But even so... how you could misrepresent historical facts like that? Medieval France. What we see? Black people lived freely among white people, they dance happily together and drink in one bar. I understand things about political correctness. But don't you think it makes movie look fake and misrepresent original fairy tale.

Secondly, music. Did you actually hire song writers, authors, musicians for such big cinema event? There are some good songs. But it turned out they are all classic French songs or taken from 1991 animated "The beauty and the beast" movie.

Thirdly, actors. Well, I have no complains to Emma Watson beauty. Interesting young British actress. But Belle was French. French women have special charm and chic(remember Amelie?). Emma Watson with her solder walking and always the same face expression did not convince me. Animated Belle expressed more emotions and love in her eyes that Emma "Belle" Watson. As for other actors, was very pleased to see Kevin Kline. Only actor in the movie which performance I enjoyed. Other actors were very plain or their roles were so short that it is hard to do something outstanding.
If you like musicals, the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" and movies like "Les Miserable", you will also love this movie.
This review will be spoiler free, so you don't have to be afraid of spoilers and can read on if you like^^

Story line: Of course, this movie follows the story line of the Disney movie version, but what I really like is that they changed some things which didn't make sense in the original animated movie. They also give more information on the background of the characters and their families. Due to that I felt more into the movie and the story. They also added some hilarious joke lines between the romantic and serious moments of the movie.

Camera: The camera work was alright. Most of the time satisfying, but at some points, I would have wished a different perspective.

Transition: The transition therefore were great, awesome! Between summer and winter, day and night, it was just beautiful.

Setting: Of course the setting was also great. The village looked tiny and cute, the castle astonishing, scary, but beautiful at the same time.

Characters: A lot of people even complained about the actor for the prince before. But I thought, he was alright. I really liked his singing voice though. The other cast members were really good. Emma Watson was a perfect Belle and Luke Evans as Gaston was amazing! Even the side characters were well portrait.

Music: The music was of course wonderful. But for some people, who don't like singing in a movie...You shouldn't watch this one then. There were a lot of songs and even more than in the animated version. But they were all very well composed and beautifully sung.

Conclusion: I really liked the movie in a lot of aspects. What I have to complain about a little bit is the camera work and the cast for the prince. (Sorry...) All in all it's a really great movie which I would like to watch again any time.
Went with high hopes left with utter disgust
The movie is bad. My now grown kids went with the wife and I. Kids wife and I loved the cartoon version some 25 plus years back. This movie don't compare in any way. Kids are also life long Harry Potter fans and thought they loved Emma Watson they went truly wishing to love this movie they left feeling there money was stolen and swearing off Disney. I felt I was stuck on a 2 hour lecture about the greatness of being a liberal and found the movie sickening. Hey to each there own but I wish never wasted a penny on this movie and I am a life long cartoon and kid movie fan
A stunning masterpiece
There are almost no words for how amazing this movie was, but I am going to try my best anyway! If you are a true fan of the original film, there is no possible way you will not adore this movie. It brings wonderful additions and insights to the original story and the entire film is really just a feast for the eyes. The music will fully engulf you and make you feel like you are there with the characters.

Emma Watson is visually the perfect Belle and portrays the part beautifully. Her singing is of course not as good as Paige O'Hara but I really didn't feel like her lesser voice mattered much in the film. They definitely needed to lower some of the keys and change some of the notes in order for Emma Watson to perform some parts of the songs but you could tell that she worked really hard to train her voice as best as she could and it resulted in a very pleasant sound.

Luke Evans is great as Gaston, though I do not feel that any actual human man could play Gaston perfectly. Gaston is a huge, hulking man and refers to himself as a specimen. In the original, he is able to throw Lefou around like a pillow and he lifts the blond triplets and the bench with one arm with ease. He has a deep, booming voice and he is "roughly the size of a barge." Does any actual actor come to mind with any of those phrases? Luke Evans definitely had Gaston's narcissism, rudeness and viciousness down. But I personally did not feel like he was unbelievably handsome, big or brawny. But I was still very pleased with his performance.

Josh Gad absolutely stole the show from Gaston as Lefou. He added depth to the character who was really just comic relief in the original cartoon. He sung "Gaston" in the tavern perfectly, it was really like the animation was just transferred to real life. I hope he gets the credit he deserves for that role. Certainly blows Olaf from Frozen right out of the water! Kevin Kline was a surprisingly wonderful Maurice and I really felt the love between he and Belle. I loved the additions they made with her mother and why Belle was so enchanted by roses to begin with. I'm glad they made Maurice more serious in this version, he was very goofy in the cartoon.

Dan Stevens was wonderful as the beast and they added a surprising amount of humor to his lines. I at first didn't like that he knew how to read but I suppose it never made sense in the original that a prince didn't know how to read. My favorite song was the one he sung when Belle leaves, that was breathtaking. I thought he was the perfect handsome prince too, especially his eyes.

There were a few additions I did not care for but I did not feel should take away from the rating. I wish Gaston had died the way he did in the cartoon, right in front of Belle who chooses to save the beast and does not even give Gaston a second glance as he plummets to his death. I also wish that the enchantress was NOT present during the beast's transformation back into the prince. I found that unnecessary and intrusive, that was supposed to be Belle and the Prince's moment. I also found it very strange and annoying that they did not speak to each other at all, they just stared at each other and then kissed. I preferred the original there, but these are just my preferences.

I also felt like the servants gave away WAY too much to Belle in this version. It was almost shocking that Belle wasn't able to figure out what was going on herself with all of the info they let slip. All the little characters were wonderful, particularly the wardrobe.

Overall, it is a truly breathtaking movie, one that only comes along once in a blue moon. You will be amazed how they literally transferred some parts of the cartoon directly into live action. They used the same music, same background noises, dialogue, EVERYTHING...for the most part.

Don't miss out on this. You should really just drop whatever it is you are doing and go see this move now! Outstanding!
Something...Not There
(Spoilers ahead, possibly)

As much as I love Disney, shame on them for insisting on modernizing classic animated movies by making live-action remakes. From the moment I heard of this movie being in production, a part of me knew that it would never measure up to the beloved 1991 film, yet try to compensate for this fact with some *grand* musical numbers and better developed elements of the story and characters...

This movie, in my opinion, is just okay, and I would not mind never watching it after that first viewing (save for a few scenes toward the end). In my opinion, B&tB tries a bit too hard to impress viewers of a new generation (predictable), and the use of auto-tune on the female lead was annoying and unnecessary (none of that that rubbish, or cast an actress who can actually sing well!) The new songs enhance the story but are altogether unmemorable. The live-action versions of Mrs. Potts and the rest of the enchanted objects looked so dainty and realistic, it was creepy and "unmagical" to me. As for the main characters, the writers did not even seem to give Gaston a chance. He was deeply unlikable from the beginning, so his characterization was not very well-rounded in this version (villains deserve even a bit of love/empathy).

There are enough remakes/reboots being made nowadays, and I find it upsetting that Disney ended up tampering with one of its classics. This movie is a bit of a disappointment. Listen to the other reviewers stating you would be better off re-watching the original.
I wanted to like the live action version
I really wanted to like the live action version of Beauty and the Beast. I was obsessed with the animated version growing up as a kid. I went to see it in theaters on New Year's 1991. My main complaint is that I believe Belle was miscast. I like Emma Watson, but I think the character of Belle would have been portrayed better by someone who is less known, or who is not mostly known from playing one character.

Another thing I didn't like is that the film is supposed to be live action but everything about the film is so over produced that nothing seems real.

The parts that were added or changed that moved away from the original were boring and didn't convey the spirit that the original had.

It's hard to make some aspects of the film live action (Chip, Mrs. Potts, etc.) however Lumiere and Cogsworth were downright creepy.
Excellent movie/live action remake to an animated classic!
Excellent movie/live-action remake to an animated classic. Saw it twice in the theater and just bought the BluRay/DVD/Digital HD movie combo pack this week. Great performances by the entire cast, especially by Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gaston, and Ewan McGregor as as Lumeire.

Emma Watson gave an overall fine performance as Belle, her singing was probably the "weakest" part of her portrayal. She has a pleasant singing voice, just not the vocal range compared to the other character roles and cast members in movie. The opening number when she was introduced as Belle sounded nice, but was a bit over-produced and "auto- tuned". To be fair, all the cast members singing vocals in the movie were likely "auto- tuned" and processed to varying extents. That is the nature of a movie and sound studio production, especially in a musical driven version. So to focus critiques only on Emma Watson's vocals as being "auto-tuned" in the opening scene introducing Belle's character seems objectively unfair. Her later singing moments as Belle in the movie got noticeably better and sounded more natural as the film went along. Her best singing scene was her last section, during the somber "How Does A Moment Last Forever" portion when the Beast/Prince brings Belle to Paris, France using his enchanted magical book to the small château where Belle's mother passed away from the plague when she was a baby. She exuded an emotional and natural singing voice to capture and portray that sad somber moment very well during that scene of the movie. Emma Watson's sincere acting, charming persona, radiant appearance, and admirable vocals for a 1st time singer in a movie musical combined to superbly embrace and embody her role as Belle with graceful style.

Overall, fabulous and enchanting performances by the ensemble cast. Great work on the production, direction, and CGI special effects by everyone involved in the movie. Well done!
I've seen the original more times than I can count so I was very excited when I heard about a live action version that sticks to the original movie. While they did stick to the original for a good portion, they changed many of the most iconic scenes and not in a good way. For example, they cut out the scene where Belle's father first encounters the beast by the fireplace, which is my son's favorite, and replaced it with something far less interesting. They also managed, and I don't know how, to ruin the music. All of the songs are slowed down so much that it's hard to care about them and they're lacking the booming vocals that made the originals so good. They also added a lot of unnecessary dialogue which makes for a much slower pace. Overall all this movie just lacks the character of the original. We were so bored that we actually left about half way through.
The corporate version of Beauty And The Beast: Disney at it's most generic and dull
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear: where should I start folks. I had low expectations already because I hated each and every single trailer so far, but boy did Disney make a blunder here. I'm sure the film will still make a billion dollars - hey: if Transformers 11 can do it, why not Belle? - but this film kills every subtle beautiful little thing that had made the original special, and it does so already in the very early stages. It's like the dinosaur stampede scene in Jackson's King Kong: only with even worse CGI (and, well, kitchen devices instead of dinos).

The worst sin, though, is that everything (and I mean really EVERYTHING) looks fake. What's the point of making a live-action version of a beloved cartoon if you make every prop look like a prop? I know it's a fairy tale for kids, but even Belle's village looks like it had only recently been put there by a subpar production designer trying to copy the images from the cartoon. There is not a hint of authenticity here. Unlike in Jungle Book, where we got great looking CGI, this really is the by-the-numbers version and corporate filmmaking at its worst. Of course it's not really a "bad" film; those 200 million blockbusters rarely are (this isn't 'The Room' after all), but it's so infuriatingly generic and dull - and it didn't have to be. In the hands of a great director the potential for this film would have been huge.

Oh and one more thing: bad CGI wolves (who actually look even worse than the ones in Twilight) is one thing, and the kids probably won't care. But making one of the two lead characters - Beast - look equally bad is simply unforgivably stupid. No wonder Emma Watson seems to phone it in: she apparently had to act against an guy with a green-screen in the place where his face should have been.
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