Beauty and the Beast
Fantasy, Romance, Family, Musical
IMDB rating:
Bill Condon
Ewan McGregor as Lumière
Ray Fearon as Père Robert
Luke Evans as Gaston
Haydn Gwynne as Clothilde
Dan Stevens as Beast
Gerard Horan as Jean the Potter
Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts
Emma Watson as Belle
Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza
Josh Gad as Lefou
Hattie Morahan as Agathe / Enchantress
Audra McDonald as Madame Garderobe
Kevin Kline as Maurice
Ian McKellen as Cogsworth
Storyline: Disney's animated classic takes on a new form, with a widened mythology and an all-star cast. A young prince, imprisoned in the form of a beast, can be freed only by true love. What may be his only opportunity arrives when he meets Belle, the only human girl to ever visit the castle since it was enchanted.
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unremarkable, forgettable event overdone with no soul
Never seen any previous version. So I get to give a unbiased view.

The music is the worst turn off for this film, the lyrics were instantly forgettable, the score was boring and the main leads voice was far too over produced and stripped of the human aspects that really carry a performance.

It had nice costumes, the cgi was passable though I felt cheated at the end when all the characters changing happened off camera - safe option.. but boring.

Acting was a little forced but fine, the pace felt OK.

The overall feel of the movie was mildly entertaining.
Not too bad. But I personally felt that the 1991 version is still the best
I think the problem with Disney live-action remakes, is that there's such awkwardness in the layout, I personally felt that in the case of Beauty and the Beast, the live-action version can't "perform" the story very well, it appears to me that they are trying to tell the story with a fusion that combines animation, movie and musical, a bit of everything in everywhere, however I don't really enjoy this experience. The actors and actresses were fine considering the demands and preference of the audiences (consumers), some of them did very well, Like Gaston and LeFou. I think that Emma Watson looks very pretty on screen as Belle, and her singing is okay, but I personally felt that her acting is very stiff, her singing skills is very much not enough for a musical. She is a very successful and smart celebrity, I think she is a very good fashion and makeup model too, but her performances (including Harry Potter, etc) on screen I've seen so far, haven't appear to me as a professional/convincing actress at all, I never seen her looking like she is doing (performing, acting) something she believes. As Belle Emma Watson sometimes looks miserable, like she is forcing her face to hold on expression(disgusted, love, sad, etc.) that she was told to. I felt that my money spent on the movie ticket was burned watching her performance, and this isn't the first time at all when it comes to movies that has her in the cast, I remember feeling really angry last time when I saw her performance in Harry Potter- The Goblet of Fire, because I can't believe I spent money to get to watch such unprofessional performance of a pretty "actress" like her on a mainstream movie, and now in B&TB she hasn't improve at all.

Overall I think everything on the screen appears to be pretty but also boring (awkward). I personally much prefer the 1991 version, for me it is one of the best from Disney. I kind of wish they didn't do the remake.
Obviously I was watching a different film to a lot of the other reviews here as I completely enjoyed the film. I loved the characters, Loved the music. Thought the cast was great and that the film flowed well.

Thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end a True Disney treasure. The special Effects were great and the musical sequences were fantastic and well sung, really enjoyed and cant wait the buy the Bluray.
Top 10 Favorite Movies of ALL Time! Amazing use of 3D!
I own 463 3D blu-rays and this is easily the best movie in my collection. I was a fan of the original cartoon but this live version is much better in every category. The costumes and sets were beautifully rendered, Emma Watson is adorable as Belle, the music is gorgeously orchestrated and every singer is top notch! The 3D is "medium-strong" to "strong" and is very consistent. There aren't many "pop-outs" but every scene contains multiple layers and plenty of depth and the musical numbers are where the 3D really shined! One particularly memorable scene occurs at the end of the first musical number and it reminded me of The Sound of Music but in stereo-vision! Many scenes inside and outside of the castle also looked amazing in 3D, especially the musical numbers "Be Our Guest", which has the one "pop-out" I remember, and "Beauty and the Beast". The ballroom, with its elaborate chandeliers is particularly stunning, and the 3D rendering makes it and the entire castle seem ENORMOUS! The colours REALLY pop on my 4K OLED and everything has so much detail! This movie adds additional depth to the storyline, which adds to character development and it even adds some new songs which I really enjoyed. I laughed.. I cried... I danced (in my head)... and I sang my heart out!

Instant classic! In my list of top 10 films of all time!

Best 3D film in my collection! (although I had to import it from India)

BETTER than the original!!!!
No comparison to the original
Emma Watson should not have been cast as Belle, first of all she is far from being a beauty she is average looking not to mention she has no singing experience. Emmy Rossum who is both a beauty and a fantastic singer should have been cast as Belle, she actually looks like her. The casting is ridiculous, her voice is sub par and does no credit to the original movie, im going to pretend this remake doesn't exist, the casting of Gaston was also absurd....not to mention the adding of strange dialogue that is not even in the original movie, the whole casting was ridiculous but Emma Watson does no credit to Belle and is one of the biggest casting mistakes ever made! my favourite fairy tale but not movie.
Skip this movie. You won't miss anything
Skip this movie. You won't miss anything. Except perhaps the good performance by Luke Evans as Gaston. But still, the bad aspects of this film just overrides any good ones.

There were too many distractions in the film that it does not evolve into a movie experience. There are lots of propaganda in this film. If you would like to put racial minority actors, you don't pick 18th century France as your setting. I am a racial minority so I can say this. They also depict that gays as mostly men in drag, weak and the so called gay scenes are not empowering at all but rather tacky. I am gay, so I have a right to say this.

The worst distraction and aspect of this film is Emma Watson. She doesn't give justice to the role of Belle. You can see it in her eyes. This actress grew up with everything, having played Hermione. Belle is a sweet, innocent provincial lass. Every time I look at Emma Watson, it seems like I am waiting for her to roll her eyeballs or take out a cellphone and tweet.

Dan Stevens looked effeminate and his beast form should have been a bird and not a mammal. Josh Gad looked mechanical, uninspired and unconvincing as gay LeFou.

I watched this film because I was afraid I would miss out on something historic or a good film sequence. But sadly there was none. I should have skipped this.
This movie is very overrated and the reason why the film is popular because of its promotion. Emma Watson performance is really boring as hell and her voice is not that good. I suggest you to watch the original version (1991). Dan Stevens and Luke Evans performance is pretty good tho. Overall, its the worst Disney film i've ever watched.
Watch it for the nostalgia. Nothing else will make it worthwhile.
I've seen better produced YouTube videos. I kept thinking the theater had mistakenly played an early rough cut.

The sound mixing was amateurish. At one point in an early song you could barely hear, let alone understand, the words of the main singer because the orchestral music was overpowering it. All throughout the movie the mixing sounded very uneven to me.

Luke Evans did not make a good Gaston. I've liked him in other movies but in this one his acting was more boorish than his character.

The effects for the non-human characters (except the Beast) were horrendous. It reminded me of the animation in the old Christmas shows like Rudolph the Reindeer, the Misfit Toys, Frosty the Snowman, etc. The effects were bad enough to be distracting (especially Mrs. Potts and Chip).

If your only reason for seeing this film is for the effects, do yourself a favor and skip it.
How can this have so many talented actors and be this bad?
I am a huge fan of the original and I was thrilled when the cast was announced. I'm a big fan of Emma Watson and most of the other supporting actors so I went in with high hopes for this. It was awful! The CGI and auto-tuning were distracting and poorly done. On the subject of auto-tune- why did they insist Emma Watson do her own vocals when she clearly wasn't up to the task? Several other numbers, notably "Gaston" and "Be our Guest" fell flat. None of the charm or warmth of the original.

The performances were another issue for me which blows my mind considering the talent propping this horrid remake up. I can't fathom who approved the accents of Ewen Mcgregor and Emma Thompson. They were BAD. Emma Watson's performance was not what I expected from her. It was like she was trying but missing the mark time and again. Her Belle is condescending at times, bland in others, and overall forgettable. **spoiler** When Gaston and the beast have their fight,in this version instead of stabbing beast in the back, Gaston shoots him unexpectedly like twice. Emma Watson's "reaction" to this is a prime example of my above complaints. She doesn't seem shocked, sad, NOTHING. She waits until he's been shot a few times and has been down awhile before changing emotion at all and even then her "sorrow" at his death is horribly unbelievable. I could not believe this was Emma Watson preforming in this way. The beast was eh, Lafou wasn't funny (the theater was at no point filled with laughter. My 10 year old laughed twice the whole time), and the servants weren't charming or at all like their cartoon versions. I also hate that the funny back and forth between Lumiere and Cogsworth wasn't there. The only one I enjoyed was Luke Evans as Gaston. He was far from perfect but I think he did best out of everyone.

As I scroll through the IMDb reviews with the occasional 8 or 9, and pages of 2's and 4's, I can't understand how the rating is a 7.8. I give it a 2 for effort and can say with 100% certainty that I won't ever sit through it again. Another pointless remake. Disappointing.
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
The remake of "Beauty and the Beast" is Disney's latest in live action animation. Blending real actors with CGI, it's a story most of us know (and love) about Belle and the Beast.

Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) plays Belle, a simple country girl who is looking for her Prince Charming. She lives an ordinary life in an ordinary town surrounded by ordinary people. Trouble is, they think SHE'S strange. Gaston, the local hunk, has decided he must make Belle his wife since she clearly isn't interested in him. Fate, however, has other plans for both of them.

Although the film was very pretty to look at, it lacked depth and simply did not have the heart the animated version had. I love Emma Watson, but her singing voice was adequate at best. Kevin Kline (who portrayed Belle's father) looked like he would rather be anywhere but where he was.

It was Luke Evans (as Gaston) that stole the show. He stayed true to the character of Gaston, and man could he belt out a tune! Another problem I had is Disney trying to introduce a sexually confused character, LeFou. I wish someone would try to explain to me why this was done because, quite frankly, I am sick and tired of people trying to rewrite fairy tales just to make them "politically correct."

Rated PG and even with its flaws, I would still recommend it.
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