Thriller, Action, Adventure, War, Sci-Fi
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Peter Berg
Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane
Beau Brasseaux as Navy SEAL (as Beau Brasso)
John Bell as Angus
Leni Ito as Japanese News Anchor
John Tui as Beast
Gregory D. Gadson as Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales
Joji Yoshida as Chief Engineer Hiroki
Rihanna as Raikes
Brooklyn Decker as Samantha
Peter MacNicol as Secretary of Defense
Tadanobu Asano as Nagata
Adam Godley as Dr. Nogrady
Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hopper
Alexander Skarsgård as Stone Hopper
Jerry Ferrara as Sampson JOOD Strodell
Joshua Pence as Chief Moore
Rico McClinton as Captain Browley
Storyline: Based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game, Battleship is the story of an international fleet of ships who come across an alien armada while on Naval war games exercise. An intense battle is fought on sea, land and air. What do the aliens want?
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Plastic board game gone boom... with the addition of a few aliens.
As soon as the trailers for this film were released it wasn't too long before audiences began to recollect the days of coordinates and plastic ships. Placing a white tag for a miss and a red for a direct hit on your battleship. The producers of the Transformers trilogy have rewarded board game lovers with a visually stunning version, and I doubt the toy house package never comprised of combat alien spacecrafts capable of pulling its weight on the water better than your battleships themselves? Communication and world dominance seem to be the recurring drive behind alien invasion and we rely heavily on the lethargic combatant to serve his country proud and save the world, whilst charming the ladies or attempting to impress the majority, including his dedicated brother and his girlfriend's father who ironically so happens to be chief commander of this operation. The story certainly places us in a world of sophistication and glamour. These aliens are big, bold and meaningful, but one cannot ignore the suffering it undergoes due to Hollywood's incapacity to tell a first-rate tale whilst being accompanied by the impressive images. Study the latest Transformers film (Dark of the Moon) and you'll understand this problematic concept. Liam Neeson is always convincing and it was always going to be appealing to see how pop sensation Rihanna would adapt to movie life. To her credit she performs rather emphatically considering the disappointment of most singers on the big screen.

Although the film reminds us of the basic but dazzling board game and it temptingly worth the watch, regrettably it fails to live up to the intensity of eyeing up your adversary on the other side of the board, anticipating their every move without the advancement of radar innovation and pretty faced marines.
Good movie.............
I do not have anything but praise for this action adventure movie. Granted, it has flaws but the action scenes proliferate. Note: is it an battle/action movie? Does it have battle scenes and plenty of action? Yes and yes.. Reading some reviews of the movie, particularly those in honor of Liam, are out of place here. He is in the movie and great as usual, but his character is nothing but introspective. History is written, and rewritten here. A thought provoking yarn, this movie is not. But this film should appeal to children, teenagers, war vets, and old guys like me. Excellent film is every way. Careful not to spoil the plot or give any details, I would advise anyone to be patient and wait for the last round of this heavyweight fight. Give it a try.....
9.5/10 You people are crazy this movie was the 2nd best action packed movie I've ever seen next to transformers Dark of the Moon
I just don't understand how so many people hated this movie. Me, my wife, my dad, my brothers and father in law all thought it was great. The story was not the greatest but still it was good, the alien ships were awesome the special effects were amazing, the cast was great especially considering only one was actually a famous actor and Rhianna did great for her first time acting in a blockbuster movie. It's so good I will be buying it on blu-ray. It was great how they couldn't use radar and used the tsunami bouies and made it look like the battleship board game. The end was awesome what they did with the USS Missouri perfection. I'd give it a ten but it wasn't quit as good as transformers so I gave it a 9 wish there was a 9.5 option.
"The Poseidon Adventure" Meets "Transformers"
If one were wondering how anyone could possibly make a movie from the board game "Battleship," the answer is: make a movie whose sole tie to the board game is that it has a battleship in it.

Everything else about this film is "original" alien invasion hokum. Like a Michael Bay film, it's a recruitment ad for the armed forces, and it's preposterously long (129 minutes?!!), but if you can deal with those two strikes against it, it's not a terrible film. Going in with low enough expectations, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had. The film is of course fun to make fun of, but it's more than willing to make fun of itself, which makes it better than a lot of other movies in similar genres. There are a whole bunch of snazzy special effects, but they all look like the CGI effects that every movie has now, and none of them are especially memorable. They're more memorable than Taylor Kitsch as the main protagonist, however, who nonetheless manages to hold his own in scenes with Liam Neeson, mostly because Neeson's phone-it-in performance seems to have been filmed completely separately from anything else having to do with the movie and spliced in later.

Still, this is what the term "guilty pleasure" was invented to describe.

Grade: B
Surprisingly Good, Really Good!
when I heard they were making a battleship movie.. I just had to see it.I admit, the beginning was cheesy but when it got to the beginning-middle, it got intense. Its got a Good Story Plan, Great Animations, Good Acting.I would recommend this movie to someone who likes Battleship, Naval Warfare and Sci-Fi Fiction! It's full of humour, drama and cheer-on scenes. I also see how brave and smart our men can be in the Navy and how they achieve the greatest award ever: Respect. Also, I like how they slightly recreate a WWII battle with the Americans and the Japanese but really, the American Navy and the Japanese Navy team up to stop the Aliens. Great Movie!
Better than Transformers and inspirational to boot
I expected "Battleship" to be unwatchable. Especially when padded with commercials to 3 hours by FX. But all throughout the movie, I kept thinking to myself "Why am I enjoying this so much more than any of the Transformers movies?" The answer is "In Battleship, I didn't know how they were going to get out of the next situation, and I kind of cared, and I wanted to find out." It's that simple.

Yes, the dialog is insanely clichéd and the acting is pretty wooden and there isn't much character development. But there's just enough to keep it compelling, which can't be said for anything from the unholy alliance between Michael Bay and Hasbro. And "Battleship" even has a few clever and funny one-liners amidst all the mayhem.

If it really bothers you that this movie portrays U.S. Navy (and Japanese navy!) sailors as heroes able to adapt and prevail against overwhelming odds, then there's really nothing more to be said to you - except maybe "Don't watch it on FX then, because they are actually airing commercials for the U.S. Navy during the presentation". Oh and, um, it's a science fiction movie based on a board game called "Battleship", did you expect the good guys to be from Amnesty International?

I don't really want to list any spoilers but I also don't want to be blacklisted over "Battleship" so I checked the box anyway. I'll just list a few of the funnier/stranger plot items and then we'll move on to the career-damage check.

I loved the scene where the U.S. Navy losing a pick-up soccer game to the Japanese navy was played out with all the drama of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Classic. And yeah, I know it was for the RIMPAC Cup, but still.

I hope everybody noticed that the alien projectiles are shaped similarly to the pegs in the classic game of "Battleship". Unfortunately, the aliens never learned to take turns - they fire at B4, C7 and D5 at the same time. On the other hand, it is quite noteworthy (and has been noted by others) that the aliens go to great pains to distinguish threats (conveniently highlighted red) from non-threats (conveniently highlighted green). That's also kind of their undoing - could that be the message of this movie, that it's better to shoot first and ask questions later?!? OK, I can see how that might bother some people. Then again, the aliens did shoot first unless you count Taylor Kitsch touching their spaceship as an attack... Kudos to the scriptwriters for the intricate layers of moral ambiguity!

I'm still wondering why, when all of the alien technology was directed at the military, transportation, and urban infrastructure of Hawaii, a bunch of policemen in Jeeps were so focused on getting a couple of hikers off of an isolated mountain. At least they were kind enough to abandon 1/3 of their off-road vehicles at a time when all roads to the mountain had been destroyed.

(Minor spoiler alert 1) The only thing that really disappointed me in this movie was the post-credits bonus scene. I was hoping it would be a teaser for an upcoming movie based on Gnip Gnop.

Career Damage Check:

1. Rihanna - She's still a mega-talented, mega-successful recording artist, and she's been friends with the monster and Eminem since this movie was released, so she'll be fine.

2. Liam Neeson - He spent most of the movie on the outside of an alien force dome, which shielded not only his character but also his career. And during the viewing on FX I saw a commercial for his new, Taken-like, ass-kicking movie, so he'll be fine.

3. Jesse Plemons - Although forced to team up again with his Dillon High School buddy (and box-office albatross) Taylor Kitsch, he will be remembered much more for his role as "Meth Damon" on Breaking Bad, proving that the man has talent and range. So, he'll be fine.

4. Brooklyn Decker - She's fine.

5. Taylor Kitsch - Although this dude will forever be associated with two of the biggest box-office bombs in cinema history, he's quite handsome and ripped, so I imagine he does alright with the ladies, so I'm sure he'll be fine. Besides, since I liked "Battleship" much more than I expected to, I really can't hold this one against him. And since I could never make it more than 20 minutes into "John Carter", despite multiple attempts, I'd say I wasted less time on his duds than on lots of other actors'.

6. Peter MacNicol - I don't remember the last time I saw anyone from "Ally McBeal" on my TV screen, so relatively speaking I guess he's doing better than expected.

Finally, (minor spoiler alert 2), if you did not get at least a little teary-eyed during the scene where all the old-timers stepped up to save the day, then you might be un-American. And yes, there's nothing wrong with being un-American, unless you happen to be a U.S. citizen.
Alien invasion toy based movie.
OK everybody blasting this movie needs to stop for a second and think who made this movie and for who. It was made by Hasbro a toy company and for young kids. This was not meant for Oscar consideration. It was meant to entertain while teaching lessons. Even a loser can turn his life around to become a hero. Even rivals/enemies can come together to accomplish a common goal. For those complaining about "the old guys" running a ship, well those "old guys" were in the movie to honor the WWII and Korean Vets who might not be as familiar to the young target audience. Having met some of these real life old vets let me tell you something those were some of the toughest SOB's ever. They were boys asked to be men at a time that their country needed them and they answered the call. Pretty soon there won't be any left so I thought that was very cool move by the maker's of the movie to honor them in this way and another lesson taught that no matter how young or old, handicapped or whatever else anybody can make a difference. If you look at the movie in this way. I think you'll appreciate it more. You have to take things for what they are.
Are There No Standards Anymore?
This film broke new ground in mindless, irrational, dumb entertainment. The space aliens fail due to hesitation. A grizzly bear-sized alien in high tech armor is face-to-face with puny humans on several occasions. They throw the humans to the ground (of course, they get up unscathed) and watch the puny humans run away. They are face-to-face with a puny, technologically inferior 70-year-old battleship. They hesitate and wait for the battleship to strike first instead of obliterating it. We have incredible plot holes like: By dropping anchor, a thousand-ton battleship will swerve on a dime (actually, it would take about half an hour). A disabled man who walks with a cane and has artificial legs and a huge stomach can beat up a grizzly bear-size alien in full high tech armor. A geeky guy can hit a grizzly bear-sized alien in high tech armor with a brief case and beat him up. We see giant square blocks with 100 rocket launchers pop up on alien battleships, yet they only fire one or two at a time. The USS Missouri, which is a floating museum, is occupied by a dozen 90-year-old WW2 vets, who quickly spring into action instead of suffering massive heart attacks and strokes. The afore-mentioned 70-year-old battleship was fully equipped with live rounds of ammo. The United States Military was too stupid to attack the alien battleships with aircraft, as they did to the Japanese Navy in WW2.

This film was the worst kind of garbage imaginable. It ranks up there with Battle: Los Angeles as the worst alien invasion film of all time.

On the plus side, I liked those alien buzz-saw bombs that wrecked the ship, but that's it. Even those were phony video game stuff, though.
Great special effects - Bad storyline
To help him correct his life, Commander Stone Hopper (Skarsgård) drafts his little brother Alex Hopper (Kitsch) to the Navy. Soon after they find themselves on the deck of a battleship defending themselves, their crew, their ship and the faith of mankind against an invading alien foe.

The storyline of the film is as to be expected. Like in Independence Day (1996) we find ourselves in an seemingly impossible fight vs. an superior adversary and only the cunning of a few men and women can alter the faith of mankind.

The special effects in the film are somewhat the best I've ever seen and make it a wonderful experience, but the rather thin storyline disappoints me.

But still, do I want to see the film again? I have to say 'Yes'. This is a great "cure-my-Sunday-morning-hangovers-film". You can sleep through most of the film and still not miss out on anything.

7/10 – On account of the great special effects.
USS Missouri
Warship fans in the 1950s will remember the excitement of awaiting each year the arrival of the annual reference volume called "Jane's fighting ships". Therein they would find, page by page, details of every warship in every country around the world. This was also en era when battleships ruled the oceans. At the pinnacle of the US fleet was the "Iowa class" battleship, intended initially intended to be six but eventually four built: Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri and Wisconsin. "Battleship" is a fictionalized story of USS Missouri. This paint-by-number alien invasion action flick is lifted a few notches because of this 70-year-old "dinosaur" which has served as a naval museum in Pearl Harbour since 1992.

Seven decades after WW II, Pearl Harbour in this move hosts joint naval exercise with the US and several Asian nations participating, including Japan. There is conflict, but it's a game. However, it soon turns into a deadly combats against aliens, a plot that might have been teleported directly from "Transformers". With more plot holes than the holes inflicted on the armour of the 21st century warships, this movie is nevertheless fun. While you may watch with dismay the idiotically primitive nature of the arsenal from aliens that can traverse the universe to reach earth (why don't they have deadly laser rays that turn our warship instantly to ashes), you have to understand that this is more a video game than a movie, insofar as the action aspects go. The adversaries have to be able to shoot at each other for what seems an eternity, with deafening sound to match. In this, the movie delivers: this is mindless fun, but fun nevertheless.

As mentioned, the climax comes when all the available warships (the rests are blocked behind a power shield) are sunk and our hero brings out USS Missouri, manned by retired navy personnel who actually served on the battleship. The movie is lifted a few notches.

I am not going to talk about the "human stories". "Paint-by-number", as I said, says it all. As to the cast, don't know why Taylor Kitsch was such a lethal presence for the box office in "John Carter". Maybe it wasn't his fault at all. If "Battleship" turns out to share the same fate (which I hope it wouldn't), it certainly isn't his fault either, playing a all too familiar seemingly clueless delinquent underdog eventually turned hero. Having just watched Liam Neeson in an inspired and inspiring performance in "Grey", it's not so bad seeing him in a pay-check-oriented role here in "Battleship", as the hero's intimidating prospective father-in-law cum commanding Admiral. Cool model Brooklyn Decker fulfils her destiny admirably here as eye candy, the Admiral's daughter. Delightful surprise is Alexander Skaragard who was quite impressive in an ensemble cast shared with his father in Cannes pedigree "Melancholia". As the protagonist's stern elder brother, his appearance is short but very watcheable. Another delightful surprise Tadanobu Asano, among the most recognizable Japanese actor in Hollywood (and "Japan's Johnny Depp", a reference I make every time I mention his name), play an adversary turned buddy, again all too familiar. And for those who enjoy the pop scene, there's Rihanna in her first movie role, wielding a formidable piece of artillery most of the time.