Thriller, Action, Adventure, War, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Peter Berg
Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane
Beau Brasseaux as Navy SEAL (as Beau Brasso)
John Bell as Angus
Leni Ito as Japanese News Anchor
John Tui as Beast
Gregory D. Gadson as Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales
Joji Yoshida as Chief Engineer Hiroki
Rihanna as Raikes
Brooklyn Decker as Samantha
Peter MacNicol as Secretary of Defense
Tadanobu Asano as Nagata
Adam Godley as Dr. Nogrady
Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hopper
Alexander Skarsgård as Stone Hopper
Jerry Ferrara as Sampson JOOD Strodell
Joshua Pence as Chief Moore
Rico McClinton as Captain Browley
Storyline: Based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game, Battleship is the story of an international fleet of ships who come across an alien armada while on Naval war games exercise. An intense battle is fought on sea, land and air. What do the aliens want?
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Good enough
It's really not a 10 but I gave it that for all the 1s and 2s it was getting..Check your brain at the door and watch things blow up...I liked it enough to comment. I also liked how they used real military and vets for this film..they can't act very well but you'll find it in your heart to forgive that..too many "SH*T" bombs in the movie..I think if you make a movie about "SH*T" then you can say it...other wise leave out all the bad language, same goes for "F**K": they call that porn..ha.. Thanks for reading..enjoy the movie... If you don't like Sci-Fi, explosions, or the NAVY, do not watch this movie. Working on my 10th line and hope not to get an error..
Complete waste!
Don't watch this one. It's a complete waste! The film touts Liam Neeson as one of the actors so you may be lured into thinking it might be good, but he only plays a minor role in the movie. Two of the main characters are played by a couple of wash outs who starred as high school football players in the TV series "Friday night lights", so this should give you an indication about the quality of this film. The main issue though is a complete lack of plausibility. This is always difficult in any "alien invasion" movie, but in this one, it's lacking completely. First, the lead actor who starts off as a long haired, drunken bar fly who gets arrested for breaking in to a convenience store, emerges in the next scene as a member of the US Navy -- Not as an entry level sailor, but as an officer?? Hmmm....Then there are the hapless alien invaders, who after traveling several light years to reach Earth, only manage to topple a destroyer. They are then summarily defeated by an obsolete WWII battleship firing 15 inch cannon shells??..........ET phone home......Please!...You're not ready to invade Earth! If you do wish to give it another try, next time maybe pack a couple of Japanese Zeros!
"The Poseidon Adventure" Meets "Transformers"
If one were wondering how anyone could possibly make a movie from the board game "Battleship," the answer is: make a movie whose sole tie to the board game is that it has a battleship in it.

Everything else about this film is "original" alien invasion hokum. Like a Michael Bay film, it's a recruitment ad for the armed forces, and it's preposterously long (129 minutes?!!), but if you can deal with those two strikes against it, it's not a terrible film. Going in with low enough expectations, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had. The film is of course fun to make fun of, but it's more than willing to make fun of itself, which makes it better than a lot of other movies in similar genres. There are a whole bunch of snazzy special effects, but they all look like the CGI effects that every movie has now, and none of them are especially memorable. They're more memorable than Taylor Kitsch as the main protagonist, however, who nonetheless manages to hold his own in scenes with Liam Neeson, mostly because Neeson's phone-it-in performance seems to have been filmed completely separately from anything else having to do with the movie and spliced in later.

Still, this is what the term "guilty pleasure" was invented to describe.

Grade: B
Where's the love?
I don't know why this movie got such a bad wrap? I think it's actually pretty plain awesome!- and how they worked the BATTLESHIP game into the movie is pretty cool.

The man who lost his legs gets the chance to fight again & be the hero, the 90 year old retired vets get a chance to save the day, the story between the main character and his girl is actually pretty cool- and when Liam neeson says NO when he asks for permission... priceless :) No, its not gonna win an Oscar & no its now the best, but I don't think anyone is going it it looking for that. If you just want a pretty cool & kick ass movie then you wont be disappointing.
Rides every cliché that ever existed
Corny, silly, ridiculous, stupid, pointless, mindless. Probably one of the worst movies this year. Aliens need a signal to get to Earth then they come with explosive weapons and earthly technology and the navy beats the aliens with a battleship. The unlikely but obvious hero marries the beautiful princess, the elderly retirees get their second chance at being heroes, the handicapped soldier also gets a second chance at being a hero and the Japanese marine helps the USA save the world from an alien invasion. The story is weak, predictable and the acting is very mediocre. Liam Neeson has made a custom of choosing bad story lines for his work. It seems as this movie has been paid for by the Navy to lure young mindless people to join their ranks. Distasteful, unpleasant.
More like Battlesh*t. This movie sunk.
I can't stand this film. Very loosely based off, the guessing game, Battleship from Milton Bradley. Battleship, the movie takes the concept of the game, where players smartly against each other in a classic contest that pits mind against mind, requiring logic, intuition and carefully considered strategy and turns into a dumb rip-off of a Michael Bay's explosion style film. Honestly, the movie would have work better, if the movie was just about the RIMPAC event that the writers put into the film. The Rim of the Pacific War-Exercise make sense, because it puts international ships against each other, in war games simulations. Unfortunately, director Peter Berg thinks the best way for him, to get viewers was to make it, into another generic Alien invasion movie. This isn't the way to make a movie based off a board game, at all. The alien concept has nothing to do with the source material. I really had high hopes for this film. After all, previous board games movies like 1985's Clue & 1995's Jumanji weren't so bad. Instead, the movie focus on really bad characters to carry out, this ill-advised plot. The convoluted story revolves around Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch), a reckless and irresponsible young man whose wild ways consistently disappoint his brother Stone, (Alexander Skarsgård), a respected commander in the U.S. Navy. To avoid prison, for a burrito-stealing related felony, Alex joins the Navy, in hope to turn his life around, impress a girl, Sam (Brooklyn Decker) and his superior, Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson). If this sounds, very familiar, it's basically a badly written first half- version of 2009's Star Trek, taking place on earth. I have nothing against Taylor Kitsch's acting chops, but his character is just annoying and too unlikeable. The whole burrito stealing scene is just thoughtless. I really didn't get it. Was the movie trying really hard to parody, truTV Presents: World's Dumbest Criminals!? I really doubt, that Alex would became a Lt. in the Navy in four years with a criminal record like his. Everything, that Alex was saying, was just too arrogant. Don't get me wrong, I love cocky characters, but there wasn't anything smart with his character being the hero. He's so utterly imbecilic that his character is more like an insult to all the brave Navy men out there, serving our nation. Another insulting character is Petty Officer, Cora 'Weps' Rikes played by singer, Rihanna. Don't get me wrong, Rihanna is a great singer, but I really couldn't get behind, Rihanna's film debut as a hard-as-nails weapons specialist. The reasons why is because how jarring, it was, for me to see her, portray a strong independent badass woman, when in real-life, she's not even close. Not only would she would allow men to beat her up, senseless in real life, but she end up return back to that abusive person, after this film. Rihanna's character also had some really terrible dialogue. Mahalo, motherf*** was a horrible one-liner. The way, it got censor for the PG-13 rating, makes it, even more ear-bleeding. At the same time, I'm really disappointed, by how lackluster, Liam Neeson's role in the film. He's perfect as a Navy Officer, and somebody that the Navy would be prove to have, represented them. Yet the filmmakers doesn't give his character anything badass to do in this film. He's just there to be the angry father character. His daughter, Sam played by swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker has more to do in this movie, than him. Still, I couldn't really didn't care much of the sub-story of her and the injury Army serviceman, Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales played by real-life Army veteran, Gregory D. Gadson, going up on the mountain to take out the alien's communication towers. I didn't find it, inspiring. I love, that the movie use real-life veterans, and active-service people as cast extras, but I just wish, they were given, better roles. Sure, the human characters are paper-thin, but I found the aliens to be the worse off. The aliens have the power to create a force-field that's two nautical miles wide and rises more than 300,000 feet in the air to encircle the Navy, but they can't protect their own ships with it against the Navy, nor could have protect their communication spaceship from a harmless satellite. Wow- these aliens are lame and not combat functionality. Not only that, but their weakness is the sunlight. Oh come on! Are they goths? They come from a planet, very similar to ours. The action is disappointing and surprisingly dull. Lots of over-used CGI effects, fake looking flare shots, and quick cuts, make this film not good. For a movie call 'Battleships', technically, there is only one Battleship, use in this film, and that's the USS Missouri. The others, were, technically, 'Destroyers'. I really didn't mind, the USS Missouri, got used, but I really doubt, it will be combat-action. It went to the bounds of unrealistic, right there. The film is such po-faced stoicism and flag-waving jingoism silly, that it impossible to emotionally connect with this film, beyond, laughing at how dumb, it is. The post-credit scene makes it, seem like a sequel will come out, but I really doubt it, due to how badly this movie, score in the box office. It did so bad that Hasbro, the toy company that fund it, nearly went out of business. Overall: the film feels half-baked and barely developed, making for a frustrating film that fails to ever fully engage, and ultimately lacks the brilliant simplicity of the game on which it was based. It's not good. Don't recommended.
Great movie w/amazing special effects!
I can't believe I avoided this movie for the longest time simply because of all the poor reviews it received. This just goes to show that you can't believe everything you read. I took a chance on it tonight and to my surprise it turned out to be a really GREAT MOVIE w/AMAZING SPECIAL EFFECTS!! To all the negative critics out there who said this was a boring movie, YOUR BORING!! This was a fun, action-packed movie the entire time! The extremely talented cast did an exceptional job of making you laugh and keeping you on your toes from start to finish. If you didn't like this movie then your just way too picky! I highly recommend this movie and will most likely watch it again in the future. My only complaint was, where were the Navy Seals?
Bad is a small word
Up until today 40,716 people rate this movie making the average note 6.2. What? How? I mean did anyone see some type of plot in this movie, some type of fluidity, some type of acting? Don't tell me it has great FX cause those alien ships are not even close to let's say the Transformers franchise. I mean in term of FX this is the Moon and Transformers is the Sun. Transformers 3 hat 195 mil budget and this had 209. What did those people do with the money?

Coming back to the plot you will see huge holes and as the movie advances you'll start thinking that this is a comedy show. Let's not forget that aliens came to Earth with an incredible machine, traveling hundreds, probably thousands of light ears and in the end we beat them with plain all gun powder. It's like the polish fighting German tanks with cavalry in the WWII.

Acting? What is that? Nobody knows cause you don't get that in this movie. How do you become a Lt. Cdr. in such a short time? Even in Mongolia it's not possible and believe me not many people know where that country is.

I'll end saying that it a complete waste of your time seeing this movie but still, if you want to get angry and don't know how it's a good therapy. The worst thing is that the hole concept, you know: scientist searching for a planet in the "Goldilocks zone"( or habitable zone ), finding it, establish some kind of contact, preparing for a visit, preparing for a journey, finally answering the big question, we are not alone, ends up in a complete failure.
Better than I thought It'd be
I quite enjoyed this movie. There was little that has not been done before, but it was done well.

It was frequently exciting, had clever battle scenes, very funny at times, and no plot holes that I could think of. And they creatively integrated the board game into the plot unexpectedly.

I also liked how patriotic it was, and accurate as to the little details of the Navy. And did not include the standard sleaziness of most movies. Rihanna's character was very good, too!

Don't listen to critics, they make you dislike the movies you see, and miss good movies like this.

Enjoy this movie.
I am compelled to write a minimum of 10 lines so you avoid this movie.
I have written very few reviews on IMDb, I simply do not have the time, but on this occasion things are different. This movie could have been so good, yet it is truly awful.

I am a total advocate of having fun at movies and suspending belief but in this movie, even attempting to do that is interrupted by shocking characters with shocking lines. If people reacted in real life like many of these do in the movie, you could be forgiven for shooting them on sight.

The main character played by Taylor Kitsch is so annoying, so arrogant, so stupid so utterly imbecilic that for him to be allowed in uniform would be a slur on a nations entire armed forces. He seems to have adopted a role trying to emulate bad boy comes good Chris Pine as Kirk in the 2009 excellent movie Star Trek. But it doesn't work and he displays himself as a complete and utter loser in every respect, and frankly the screen writers should not work again.

Every cliché possible is thrown in, trying to make what is termed 'an extinction event' funny. As aliens battle to use an earth array radar to communicate with their planet and bring on the destruction of the planet, the geek in charge of the array who knows everything about it says 'what! are they trying to phone home like ET'??? Shoot that man!

I am saddened that Liam Neeson's bank balance is so low that he needed to take on his role in this movie. If he was that short of cash, had he just put an ad on IMDb I am sure we would have all chipped in $5 each to keep him out of this disaster.

The boys and girls in the CG room did an awesome job, but it was so unoriginal with all the trappings of Transformers that whilst technically superb it was just all pointless. Just where have they spent $200 000 000 ? It must all be in CG or was it the fee for Rihanna? Whatever, the budget for this movie would have been better spent on saving some third world country from economic disaster.

At the end it becomes clear that whoever the military adviser was, whatever their sins during the main part of the movie, should definitely have been sacked and not paid. Our main character the man who has led a team of misfits to save the entire planet is awarded ...the 'Silver Star', the third highest award the military can give. Where was the medal of honour? the top banana, they must have been limited as only one was given to our main mans dead brother, who did nothing other than stand on the bridge of a ship and get blown up (apart from also putting up with his cretin brother for which he definitely deserved the award).

In summary, totally disappointing. To base a movie on the Hasbro game of Battleships was always going to be a challenge, are we now going to face movies based on snakes and ladders and 'frustration'? Too many agendas were hidden in this movie to ensure a politically correct Hollywood ra ra ra conclusion. There were many points in the movie where I totally wanted the Aliens to succeed and destroy the planet, as it's occupants were proving that there was no intelligent life here. If you are dragged along to this movie then maybe just put your iphone on silent and play angry birds or some other garbage game to keep yourself entertained, or better still play Battleships.
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