Storyline: Super criminals are planning to infiltrate Earth with mass nuclear destruction! Only Starman can defend civilization by thwarting evil!
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Silliness for Japanese Children
Another Starman episode. I have the same criticism. The bad guys are so incompetent. Starman is too powerful. No matter what anyone does, he simply stands there and takes it. It's just a series of silly fights with him posturing. If it weren't for the kids being in danger, I can't imagine that he would have to even think about bringing down the evildoers. It's very cartoon like. The fights and the violence are bloodless and boring, and the enemies talk in a bragging way. I imagine this was popular at one time. The kids are the heroes and are upheld by their hero. They get into trouble so he is left to pull his punches once in a while. Not much worth commenting about.
Catch a Falling Starman
Ken Utsui stars in his fourth and final outing as Starman, Japan's favorite fruity spandex clad superhero. This time he's out to stop the evil country of Magolia (no not Mongolia) from getting their hands on atomic weapons deadly enough to destroy the entire world. Unlike it's predecessors which featured lots of funny fighting and goofy effects, this flick plays like a third rate version of the George Reeves' Superman show (Starman's alter ego even dresses up like a mild mannered Oriental in a suit and fedora) and it's pretty dull to boot. There's also a lot of rigmarole with a bunch of snotty Japanese Little Rascals types that slow things down considerably as well. And instead of the goofy aliens in Evil Brain from Outer Space, all the villains in this one are a bunch of cheap thugs who are straight out of the forties. (And why is it that all those hired thugs are always dressed so impeccably in their dapper suits?) Anyway, die hard Starman fans (no not you Jeff Bridges enthusiasts out there) will want to check it out, but this one didn't nearly have enough goofy fight scenes for my liking. Oh yeah, and despite the title, there isn't a radioactive yardstick to be seen in this flick.
Here comes the creature made of the strongest steel!
Ah, Starman. Clearly influenced by the b/w "Adventures of Superman"

series, and possibly the Republic serial "The Adventures of Captain

Marvel," these flicks are good, old-fashioned fun. The only bummer is

that this first installment is very, very dull and doesn't feature the

loony aliens that would make the later entries so memorable. Instead our

hero goes up against guys in suits and fedoras.

You can afford to miss this one, but don't miss "Evil Brain From Outer

Space" and the ultra-surreal "Invaders From Space," which features

Starman thwarting the salamander-men of the planet Pulimon (you will not

believe their modern dance troupe of doom). And the DVDs are loaded with

extra goodies, including episodes of the long-forgotten b/w Japanese

cartoon "Prince Planet" which is a hell of a lot more fun than I

A lesser Starman outing
An alien superhero called Starman is sent to Earth to avert nuclear disaster by the Galactic Council.

Atomic Rulers of the World is an Americanised Japanese movie made by editing some Japanese TV episodes together. It follows the same template as other films made in this exact same way, like Evil Brain from Outer Space and Invaders from Space, both also from 1965. This one is probably the least good of the three, however, in that it lacks the interesting – and sometimes quite sinister – monsters from those other two films and instead seems more squarely aimed at a kiddie audience. This is made more abundantly clear by the appearance of some children in central roles. Starman himself is quite a fun character to be fair but he doesn't get involved with as much interesting action in this one and so this consequently is one mainly for die-hard fans of old Japanese sci-fi.
There's a Starman Waiting in the Sky
"The Earth is threatened with atomic destruction if the people of Mirapolia (sic) are not allowed to rule the planet. Observers from a distant planet, fat off in space, have been observing Earth and see the peril it's (sic) facing. Hoping to offer aid to the citizens of Earth, the benevolent aliens send their champion Starman to face off against the leaders of Mirapolia (it's correctly spelled Merapolia) and take care of their atomic weapons," according to the DVD sleeve's synopsis.

Ken Utsui (as Sûpâ Jaiantsu, or Super Giant) must save the Earth from nuclear peril. This is the American (English edited and dubbed) version of the Japanese super-hero's earliest movies, Sûpâ jaiantsu (1957) and Zoku sûpâ jaiantsu (1957). Herein, Mr. Utsui is Starman of "The Emerald Planet". Considering the material, this is a sometimes surprisingly well-directed, by Teruo Ishii, piece of super-nonsense; the location scenes are most enjoyable. Otherwise, it's, at best, unintentionally funny.

Watch for the scene where Utsui goes to a church with some children, and meets a nun. She gives him a smile that shows she's attracted to him; then, the young nun looks down at Utsui's groin area, where he has positioned his gun. Oh, sister!

*** Atomic Rulers (1964) Teruo Ishii ~ Ken Utsui, Utako Mitsuya, Junko Ikeuchi
STARMAN saves the day, campy style!
We're all familiar with the man of steel who fights for truth and justice the American way! However, the infamous Starman is a different story. This is only one of the few movies that currently exist featuring the Japanese superhero who saves the world from certain doom. Now consider this: Starman is not in bold and brilliant form compared to those DC Comics you're reading. It is a vintage trip back about 40+ years ago when superheroes were meant to amuse proud audiences at a Saturday afternoon matinee. Today, a new generation of viewers who may ever get a chance to see this, will see how weird the costumes and sets appear, plus the way Starman fights evildoers. This is probably the best feature of Starman movies as an endless horde of bad guys creates long continuous battles that make it more fun-filled than Superman, but it has its repetition. The outcome is the same where a superhero struggles his way to the end and wins, and it's also ultimately repetitive when our hero does the same things over and over again in each film. This one, ATOMIC RULERS, is more campier than the other Starman movie, ATTACK FROM SPACE, which was close to instant sci-fi. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with saving Earth from peril. A lot of "B" movies such as this rely on useless stock footage to make for a full production. Since this was a Japanese creation, it stood out as fascinating for its time. Although it's still strange, it's no worse than THE PUMAMAN. I'm not certain if anyone is willing to accept movies like this today. Leave those up to the old coot crowd who saw them in their younger generations. The motion picture industry may not have changed, but the times sure have! Whether young or old, if you are in serious desperation for an outdatedly campy experience, then I, Jason, can't fully blame you for that!
A return to yesteryear....
I remember this series of films from my childhood. The Saturday afternoon cinema on local(Chicago) television ran this and other films of this genre on a regular basis. That's something that is sorely missed by the author.

This particular film, along with the other films in the "Starman" series, was fun in several ways. As a child, the fight scenes were action-filled, yet not very brutal or vicious. He threw folks around and occasionally struck them, but nothing graphically harmful. The bad guys were evil, yet not frighteningly so. The film also made sure that you knew they would get theirs in the end. When I found a copy of this film about 5 years ago, I snatched it up at once. However, this is a film for a genre fan. I would not suggest this in any way to be a mainstream hit. Do not come to view this film with any typical American or modern stereotypes in your head about what a film of this type should be. Leave your preconceptions at the door and enter a black and white world where the forces of good have a very visible and stalwart champion...Starman!
Kitschy, Kid Friendly Superhero Fun
Super Giant was a series of short films made for Japanese audiences in the early to mid sixties. Medallion Films acquired the rights for US distribution and repackaged them as a set of four movies. Episodes 1 and 2 were cobbled together with extensive editing and the inclusion of a more generic American score. The inhabitants of The Emerald Planet resemble a recreation of the last supper only the apostles are made of mis-matched vacuum cleaner parts engaged in interpretive dance. They weave and sway under a cardboard planet hung from wires behind them whenever atomic threats require the Super Giant known as Starman to be dispatched to earth. It's rather fun if you're in the mood for a silly riff on The Adventures of Superman.
Go Starman! Go! Go! Go!
Honestly I enjoyed this movie. It was great fun to watch, but I still have the common sense that it's a piece of crap. This original Japanese superhero made exclusively for this film, is the most ridiculous idea ever. The movie takes place in 1964 japan with an alien race attempting to rule the planet earth. A nearby alien race, notices the nuclear yes nuclear threat from the other alien species. So they send their mightiest warrior of peace... Starman! to save the human race. They hand him some device that permits him to fly and understand human languages and stuff like that. The name is lame, so are his powers and special effects of the movie, but that's what makes it so great. Still the acting is terrible and the dubbing does'nt help. I received the film in a 50 movie pack so I really had no other way to watch the film. I doubt it would have been much better. There are a lot of fighting sequences all poorly done. The film has an anti-nuclear feel which keeps it from feeling really out-dated. The film's hero reminds me of Gamera just without the saber teeth, fire breath, hunger for fire, and rocket propulsion flight out of his shell. I guess it's the whole fact that he's a friend of all children. Which I guess makes it more of a kids film now-a-days but it was placed in a film pack with a label that says, For Mature Audiences. If your looking for a movie to laugh at this one is preferably your best bet. 2/10
Utsui got back...
It is what it is- and what it is is lots of far-fetched fun. Starman was one of the many heroes who haunted the black and white world of my childhood. I may be misremembering it, but I seem to recall seeing him die in an atomic explosion at the end of one adventure (though I could be confusing it with the final episode of ASTRO BOY). Like ULTRAMAN and ULTRAMAN TIGA and the giant robots RED BARON and IRON KING and GIGANTOR and the child-sized ASTRO BOY (my all-time favorite Japanese import) and all the others, Starman took me away, time and again, to a better world- one where heroes really existed... and sometimes died battling the ever-present Forces of Evil. ATOMIC RULERS OF THE WORLD is better than ATTACK FROM SPACE (in which Starman jams a bad guy head-first into a torpedo tube and then rams a torpedo in after him in what may have been an unintentionally hilarious scene...), but I highly recommend them both for fans of early superhero imports. Not a bad way to spend an evening; not at all.
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