Thriller, Action, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Randy Couture as Victor
Chuck Zito as Jorge
Geoffrey Ross as Henry
Wil Traval as James
Toktam Aboozary as Bartender
Storyline: Dispatched by Doctors Without Borders, ANNA (Natali Yura) and her fiancé MANUEL (Empire's Rafael De La Fuente) try to save the suffering villagers of a remote community in the heart of the Mexican jungle. The village is plagued by a deadly disease that only seems to affect children and pregnant women. Local legend foretells that these are the signs of the White Witch. Anna does not buy into the superstition, but the myth has attracted the attention of VICTOR (Randy Couture) a cocky tough-as-nails treasure hunter, and his partner JORGE (Chuck Zito) Anna also enlists the help of her scientist friend JAMES (Jessica Jones' Wil Traval) to help disprove the mystery. They really want to find the truth about what's been transpiring. But the more Anna uncovers, the more her life is in danger. She crosses paths with Victor who saves her from angry old hags, superstitious villagers and gun-toting thugs. While on the run, Anna and Manuel reluctantly join forces with Victor who is seeking access ...
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