A Soldiers Creed
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Adrian Lockett as Timothy Hughes
Storyline: Timothy Hughes (Adrian Lockett) returns back from War only to face tragedy. His brother has been murdered , and they have no witnesses. which sends him on a downward spiral of Violence along with his Uncle ( DSR legend, Big Tuck), while being pursued by a DEA Agent (Christian Petrovich) under investigation , who takes one last chance at a new life but digs himself deeper than he ever thought. - Meanwhile a young Hispanic youth (Alexander Luna) gets in over his head trying to impress a Girl , that takes him down a dangerous road to the Mexican Cartel. Unknown to all 3, their lives will soon Collide . From RISING upcoming Director JUAN SALAS, comes this 8X Award Winning Indie EPIC. WINNER of Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Editing across several Festivals. Written by Juan Salas
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