A Bad Idea Gone Wrong
IMDB rating:
Jason Headley
Matt L. Jones as Marlon
Jonny Mars as Security Guard
Sam Eidson as Pizza Guy
Jennymarie Jemison as Waitress
John Merriman as Radio Announcer (voice)
Storyline: Two would-be thieves forge a surprising relationship with with an unexpected housesitter when they accidentally trap themselves in a house they just broke into.

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A Bad Idea Half Gone Wrong
I just watched this movie and I had a mixed feeling about it on whether to classify it, as the French people say, as a navet or just another brick in the wall of normal movies. One thing that I didn't like about the movie is stupidifying actors to a level that it becomes really démodé because if comedy scenes don't build up on a natural increasing curve, they will certainly cause the watcher to switch off and roll over their eyes. The movie also deserves some honorable mentions such as the plot and the good acting of Marlon (Matt L. Jones) whom I enjoyed looking at his manners and physiognomy and my eyes was glazing over for the cartoon-based stupid acts he may have to do.
Managed to be good, but threatened to be great.
I'll make this a quick review because I think this film deserves one. I liked it. Its very enjoyable and as comedy's go its pretty solid material but it's no classic, nor do I think it will receive any real acclaim.

Great performances, story and script are reasonable, but it needed something more... just that little extra something that would have made it rip roaringly funny. It has good well written jokes, but nothing brought me a belly laugh. Well acted, but nothing had me whooping, shaking my head in defensive appreciation or laughing out loud.

I think things needed to be dialled up a notch because the humour aspect really needed to be on the next level to make it a comedic success. I don't know humour that well so can't identify the failings, I just know funny when it happens and laugh when something's funny. This one was on the verge, it almost delivered but not quite.

Still a reasonable film and worth a watch. I did chuckle in quite a few places and I did enjoy it, but it always threatened so much more and I so much wanted it to deliver.
a really great original movie
i don't want to leave spoilers, as this is fantastic movie. Matt Jones, Will Rogers,and Eleanore Pienta, are exceptional in this movie. again i don't want to spoil the show for you(it really worth watching to the end),....its basically a bungled burglary... with....( i really want to tell you, but its a great movie just watch it. the concept, to the story,to the actors, it was a well planned out. and the ending, well you had an idea halfway thru. but it was cemented at the end in a romantic way. it leaves me wishing for the slight hope of "another bad idea gone wrong" (wink wink nudge nudge say no more)
A good comedy.
A story about cringeworthy burglary acted by two no-so-smart thieves, which probably weren't thieves before at all (and their motives are pretty weak too, to be honest). Not a laugh-out-loud type of comedy that's for sure, but it should make you chuckle here and there. The pacing is perfect (it's never boring), the cast is right and the actors deliver their lines just perfectly, with lots of charisma. No truly dumb jokes, no "ass" jokes, just a somewhat old school lighthearted comedy.

It's also on the "lightey" side when it comes to the plot and very far from being realistic, with the last scenes going completely "coockoo" and being not believable at all. Still a good entertaining movie which is just pleasant to watch.
A tale of two burglars
If you are sitting bored and really need something to cheer you up, then this one is for you. A simple comedy movie with some romantic seasoning. The cast was perfect, beautiful Eleanore Pienta and the confused Will Rogers and ever shining Matt. You could say there are loop holes in the plot. But in the end you will still want more of this.
Badger's Next Move
OK, a Ten Star Review? A bit inflated but I was just so relieved to not be watching a total piece of garbage that I had to boost this one up. In its defense, I found the movie to be completely entertaining from start to finish. You also have to consider how little this film probably cost to make when comparing its entertainment value against what passes for blockbusters today. This has a couple scenes in a dinner and then the rest is inside of a house with three actors. Bravo for that.

They should just bill this as a Breaking Bad spin-off with one of its most beloved characters trying to get by after his meth slinging days. He's even worse and burgling house than he was at selling dope but he's still a funny guy and the same exact character he was in the series. His cuckolded friend is a wet blanket and not funny at all so Badger has to do almost all of the heavy lifting in this movie.

The girl they interrupt hanging out in the house does a great job of playing the sexy uninvited, vaguely-criminal house guest. And she's just the exact right amount of sexy; she's not bombshell Hollywood gorgeous, just very attractive. She's also the brains of the bunch.

The movie was laugh-out-loud (yeah, you can and should write that out) funny many times. For example:

- I kissed my step-mom. She was asleep.

- Did she wake up? - Yeah.

- OK, you win.

- Do I, though?
A lovely comedy
A lovely comedy to watch on a rainy day. It's that type of movie that you can easily relate with. I usually like pure comedies (big fan of Shaun of the Dead, for example) and this one didn't disappoint me. Could lighten up your day, as the jokes were funny and natural. The actors are cute. Would totally recommend this movie.