21 Jump Street
Crime, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Jonah Hill as Schmidt
Dax Flame as Zack
Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy
Ellie Kemper as Ms. Griggs
Jake M. Johnson as Principal Dadier
Holly Robinson Peete as Officer Judy Hoffs
Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters
Brie Larson as Molly Tracey
Chris Parnell as Mr. Gordon
Ice Cube as Captain Dickson
DeRay Davis as Domingo
Dave Franco as Eric Molson
Storyline: In high school, Schmidt ( ) was a dork and Jenko ( ) was the popular jock. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park. Since they are young and look like high school students, they are assigned to an undercover unit to infiltrate a drug ring that is supplying high school students synthetic drugs.
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Better than you think it would be
The new Channing Tatum-Jonah Hill buddy cop retro-television show reboot 21 Jump Street pays homage to a world of mid-eighties undercover police activity where a young Johnny Depp went undercover in a local high school in order to infiltrate gangs, bust drug activity, and expose what was really going on in America's high schools. I think. I don't know because I never watched 21 Jump Street, partly because I was a little too young for it, partly because it never outweighed my desire to watch Cheers or Night Court on WGN. And Hunter. And some of that weird Nick-At-Nite stuff I watched. It wasn't a show my parents watched (that was Wiseguy, L.A. Law), and I don't have any preconceived notions going into this film besides the fact that historically, not many films made from television shows happen to be very memorable or strong. Of course, there was Goodfellas made from Wiseguy, and I'm a fan of Michael Mann's brooding, moody Miami Vice with Colin Farrell and Jaime Foxx, though I don't think that anyone else is. The Flintstones was no good, I saw unpromising portions of the A-Team, and I'm still waiting on NYPD Blue: The Movie. However, the concept of recycling an 80's television show, stripping it down to its essential parts, and rotating in bright, funny actors works splendidly in this film, one of the best comedies of the year so far.

21 Jump Street, directed by two men and having five writing/story credits, feels like a bit of a mishmash, a stew of graphic violence, wonderful obscenity, nonsensical car chases, skilled high school satire, funny moments with Ice Cube as Captain Dickson who supervises the undercovers, as well as some very physical comedy involving Tatum and Hill. As a stew of a film, 21 Jump Street works because at its core it is funny. It made me laugh quite a bit, and the interplay, the chemistry, the bond between Jonah Hill as Schmidt and Channing Tatum as Jenko works. They both are having a really good time making this film, riffing off of each other, sliding over cars, pumping shotguns, wearing tuxes to prom, and playing two characters who deeply desire a chance to redo high school.

There is the strange sight of a guy who looks like James Franco, talks like James Franco, but isn't James Franco (played by his brother Dave Franco). There are biker gangs and potent drugs, a forgettable female supporting character that seems an afterthought in a bromance of this kind. There is the wonderful Rob Riggle as an inappropriate coach, a fun, raunchy Ellie Kemper as a teacher, and the always entertaining Nick Offerman as a stoic Deputy Chief who after chewing the leads out for botching an arrest by not knowing the Miranda Rights ("Did you just say you have the right to be an attorney?") announces, "We're reviving a canceled undercover project from the '80s and revamping it for modern times. The people behind this lack creativity and they've run out of ideas, so what they do now is just recycle **** from the past and hope that nobody will notice." A hilarious line reading by Offerman, but by getting in front of this concept, taking the air out of its criticism, the film smartly allows itself the possibility of being wry and self-aware of its own ridiculousness and origins. Similarly, the brilliant move to switch Schmidt and Jenko's roles in high school results in some of the best moments in the film as Hill plays the jock and Tatum, the brains: Schmidt's leaping through the air as Peter Pan in a theater production; Jenko announcing "Kneel before Zod!" to enter the Science nerds lab room where he struggles to understand covalent bonds; Schmidt's faux- aggressiveness as he takes center stage in a social scene he would have hidden from in high school as well as his supposed Track prowess. The jealousy between the characters is fun, a party scene and its aftermath have their moments, and the level of fun that the directors, writers, and cast seem to be having is palpable. Tatum is a good actor and quite funny, and Hill continues to do his fast-talking thing, which is richly comedic. What a fun pairing of talents.

A comedy is supposed to make you laugh, and 21 Jump Street delivers. Fun lead chemistry and raw, dark humor mix together in an addictive way. With little to no expectations going in (and zero investment because I never watched the show), I was pleasantly surprised. Recommended.
great chemistry from 2 lead characters
this film an action comedy coming from the 80s television series with Johnny Depp as a undercover cop this television series was a gritty undercover cop series and they film writers come along and make into a comedy what were they thinking of but anyway back to the film Jonah hill and Channing Tatum have great chemistry in a this film as a mismatched pair of bungling undercover cops who look for trouble or trouble comes looking for them with funny consequences as they go back to school getting ridiculous stoned and following leads with drug users and car chases big chases with ice cube as their boss he has a good role in looking after these two bumbling cops so I looked back at the TV series and its a good version of the series to be made into a film and its funny just under 2hrs 7/10 looking forward to seeing 22jump street and Johnny Depp doing his cameo and going out in a blaze of glory this film is fun and it kind of has television series heart but thats all
Very funny in parts but didn't sustain it
21 Jump Street is funny in parts but doesn't keep a high quality of laughs throughout.

The story (based very loosely on the old TV series) is about two young cops who went to the same school but only became friends when they are in the police academy. Due to their youthful looks and poor policing skills they are assigned to an undercover operation trying to stop the supply of a new drug in a high school.

Due to a mix up in their cover names the cop who was nerdy at school ends up hanging out with the "cool kids" and vice versa. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are well cast as the odd couple of cops who thereby end up learning a lot about friendship by the time the movie ends. They are also Executive Producers by the way.

The movie is unashamedly crude in the spirit of American Pie and Superbad and that is not a criticism even if I found the bad language a bit tiresome by the end.

There are a constant stream of jokes and funny situations through the movie but overall I thought that not enough of them were funny enough to justify giving it a high rating. There have been so many US high school comedies that a movie really has to be something special to stand out from the crowd.
Let's jump into 21 Jump Street. Surprising it was pretty good.
At first, I didn't want to watch this movie. Not that I'm loyal to the original or anything. I wasn't a huge fan of the 1987's show '21 Jump Street' nor did the trailers do any favors. The trailer look awful, and it seemed like an entirely pointless remake. I did however watch this movie when my friends told me that I should give it a try. I guess the movie had a lot of Street Cred. Surprising this movie was pretty good, and pretty damn funny. The movie starts out with not the original cast or even the same characters of the show, but two new characters in their high school days. While, it's only for a very brief time on film, just long enough to establish Schmidt (Jonah Hill) as an insecure nerd and Jenko (Channing Tatum) as a dumb jock. It then cuts to present day, where both are working as undercover cops on Jump Street. The new cops are tasked with finding the supplier of a new recreational drug called "HFS". For them, to find him, they must go undercover at the local high school, and forced to relive their old high school days. They soon find out that surprising, the high school life has change since their outing. The movie comedy is mostly hits for me, as I love how they make fun of high school comedy and buddy-cop clichés. There are a lot of unexpected and hilarious lines delivered totally straight forward. The movie does have quite a few moments of parody that were pretty funny. This is just one of those high school movie clichés that the movie had to hit. The high school over the top party. The twist here is that the party is being put on by a couple of totally irresponsible and stupid adults, who not only have access to alcohol but an entire evidence locker full of illegal drugs. I find this part of the movie, a bit of contradiction. Schmidt and Jenko try to arrest a bunch of bikers in the beginning of the movie, for smoking marijuana. Then later on the film, they steals marijuana to be used at the party. How is it, OK for them to smoke 'Mary Jane' and not the bikers? Also, the movie glorified their irresponsible for serving alcohol to minors is just wrong. Also how the movie makes it seem that if you want to have a good time, take drugs and drink alcohol. Don't add glamor to that kind of stuff for minors. That's why we have stupid shows like 16 & Pregnant. Don't ask how they even became cops in the first place, and how they never get punished for any of the mistakes they do throughout the film like forgetting the Miranda rights, stealing cars, and weapon discharge. Not one disciplinary action for anything they do. Also how is Jonah Hill's character Schmidt allow to hit on Molly (Brie Larson) when she could be underage? The movie never establish what her age is, but if she is 17, that's still a criminal act of having relationship with a minor. They make several gags in the movie about how Jenko and Schmidt look old, yet the actors portraying the high schoolers don't look like they belong there, too. The only ones, I did believe were in high school was the so called geeks. The acting is pretty good from all the cast. Yes, there are a few cameos of the Original cast of '21 Jump Street' playing themselves. While the TV show was taking as a serious crime drama, the movie makes it seem like a joke, even beloved characters are made out to be silly. If you are a fan of the 1987's show, you might find this movie making fun of you, and making you feel stupid for liking the original show. I don't get the film, is it trying to pay tribute to the show or parody it? The movie has false advertising written all over. For the regular fans of the show, do warning, this movie isn't like the show. Anyways their cameo is very short so if you're not paying attention, you might miss it. By the way, check all the shots on the TV in the film. Look at the scene where they are getting a car, and last the scene where the drug deal go wrong. You will find them there. The music choices for film are pretty good, but I can do without that damn Kesha's song in the end. Overall, the movie is pretty entertaining to me. So go see it.
"21 Jump Street" - Surprisingly good, I'll jump to see the sequel!
If ever there was a sequel to Superbad in which the characters grow up to be cops, this might be what it looks like. Here is the rare raunchy comedy (like the aforementioned Superbad and American Pie) that also has wonderfully likable characters and a rich heart at its core, beating with life and laughter. Jonah Jill and Channing Tatum are an incredible comedic duo as two rookie policeman, and the joy of their first "successful" arrest spills over onto the audience, and it swirls around with a manic energy for the rest of the film. 21 Jump Street is based on the classic television series starring Johnny Depp about cops going undercover at high school. Here, Tatum and Hill are looking to crack a drug ring! This film isn't merely an adaptation however, it takes humble shots at itself and is delightfully self-aware. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs fame, bring with them that same sense of visual overload and smart CGI into a few scenes that are so hilarious my abs still hurt. The film brims with style and a slew of cameos and big name actors, and is already set up for a sequel. Guess who can't wait to see it? Me.

By TOMMY BOND, thefilmdiscussion.com
Pretty Good
I never saw the original TV series that this was based on, so I don't know how well of an adabtation it is. I've also never seen Channing Tatum in anything, and very little of Jonah Hill. I really wouldn't have bothered with this movie if everyone wasn't saying how great it was and quoting it all the time. So how did the movie turn out? Pretty good actually. I was a little afraid when I started it, but in the end I found myself having a good time.

Cons, there are a few dry spots, and there really aren't any big laughs. There are plenty of moments where I was laughing, but never one where I could barely breath and my sides hurt, which is what a lot of people made it sound like. Also there is one really big plot hole, or lack of logic. This may be a spoiler, but I'm not sure.When they get there, the mess up there names, so they get each others schedules. Tatum was supposed to be in drama and band, Hill was in AP Chem. The only person who knows is the princibal, and he probably won't remember. Just go to the classes you were supposed to go to. They don't know who you are.

Like I said, the movie is pretty funny, but I really liked the action scenes and the plot. The action was exiting, and better shot them action scenes in some actual straight up action movies. And the plot has many twists and turns. I was actually surprised by who the suplier turned out to be, and there is a really cool cameo near the ending. The acting and chemistry between Tatum and Hill is good, and it's not really ever boring.

This isn't "a gut-wretching, you won't be able to breath because your laughing too hard movie", but it is fun, and has some great moments in it.
A disappointment
After reading so many good reviews about this movie, I decided to check it out! I was really excited because everyone said it was hilarious. I was very disappointed from the beginning as all the funny scenes from the commercials that I had seen were in the first 2 mins of the movie. I will say, however, that the movie started off well and was quite funny, but once the two cops entered high school, it all went down hill! Most of the jokes were inappropriate and I'm not saying that inappropriate jokes aren't funny it's just that they were basically the same joke over and over again and it got old very quickly. The rest of the movie was rather slow and seemed to drag on in the middle and the end was just very predictable. Overall I would NOT recommend seeing this movie, unless you like wasting your money!
Only laughter
I am not a huge fan of over-the-top comedies like these, but the movie was recommended to me by some friends, who added that it was the funniest movie they had seen in years. After this statement i was persuaded.

The start of the movie was way too quick. You saw a glimpse of the high-school lives of the two main characters, who were the opposite of each other(the geek and the cool kid), and before you knew it they were cops and, most surprising, good friends. I could live with the fact that these are no in depth characters, because I did't had any expectations of a good thought-out storyline. I laughed several times, but mostly about jokes which had nothing to do with the story. And all those jokes were not part of a composite. Laughing was therefore the only emotional expression that occurred to me while watching the film. I find it very hard to see other aspects of this film worthwhile to discuss in a review. The movie's only purpose is to make people laugh and it succeeded on my case.

That's why my vote is only based on the moments I laughed out loud: six times
Mindless action/teen sex comedy
The movie sets the tone when Schmidt and Jenko attend the undercover induction in their full police attire. It has the guilty pleasure inducing combination of mindless action/teen sex comedy which gets elevated occasionally by able actors.

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are the victim and bully respectively in their high school lives. Their lives meet again when the join the police force when they realize they have lack the muscle and brain respectively. When a college drug sting operation requires an undercover job, they both step in as students where they realize how changed they really are.

Jonah Hill is a bankable comic actor who delivers mostly even with his routine characters. Though there are occasional hilarious moments, the movie in its entirety does not hold together. I am writing this review few days after watching this movie and I do not recall any fun moment that I wish to go back and see though I remember feeling it to be alright while it was on.
yeah, I was just like you
I too expected this to stink. Another buddy cop movie, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, based on a lousy 80's television show - doesn't sound all that appealing.

Hill's "The Sitter", completely mediocre, and it's been quite a while since Superbad's success.

Channing Tatum showed his comedic timing during his appearance on SNL. I was still hesitant.

But, I stand corrected.

This is the funniest movie since last years' Bridesmaids.

The key here is the fantastic script. The story isn't rocket-science, and we knew it wouldn't be, but the comedic timing of the leads is spot-on, and they were given a great script to work with.

I found myself laughing multiple times throughout. My spouse concurred. One late, unnecessary gross-out moment brought it down a notch. The film hadn't used any of those gimmicks and didn't need to in the end. It just seemed a bit out of place and distasteful.

The leads did a great job here. Their characters worked exactly how they should in a buddy-cop flick like this. They bounced off each other for an hour and a half, and the result will surely be one of the best comedies of the year, and an outside shot for my 2012 top-25(back-end)if it can hold-on.

Watch out for a sneaky cameo(spoiled by the cast list if you look).

Nice surprise.

Deserves it's ranking here.

Stuck between 7-8, but going with 76/100, so I'm rounding to 8.

You'll enjoy this if you liked:The Other Guys, Starsky and Hutch, If Looks Could Kill, or Blue Streak - even though I think this is actually a clear notch above all of those films.
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