1 Buck
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Fabien Dufils
Dante Costabile as Voice over - News Radio
Joe Brooks Jr. as Lucian
Cassi Colvin as Sonia
River Faught as Bill
Katie Ryan as Amara (as Katie Lynne Ryan)
John Freeman as Harry
Will Green as Jordan
Storyline: Shifting from one pocket to another, from one man's drama to another, a lowly dollar bill, 'one buck' takes us on an odyssey through the heart of a forgotten town in Louisiana.

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Awful awful awful...Did I mention this is awful!
I only tried this one out as the idea seemed quite novel and could have been good if it had a story and characters that were remotely interesting.

What we have though is a boring snooze-fest and uses the main 1 buck idea but is in fact as tenuous as tenuous can get with a link to the 1 buck.

The acting was atrocious from nearly all the participants, The story was a retread of a boring serial killer retread with nothing original or even remotely interesting about it.

The film had virtually no real plot or story and just used the tenuous link with the 1 buck to propel itself from scene to scene with no real cohesion.

Did i mention it was a truly awful film - it doesn't quite meet the awfulness of "THE BAD BATCH" with Keanu Reeves - now that IS the unholy p1sspot of god awful film making but it comes fairly close.

Nuff said!
Why on earth has this got such high ratings
Why on earth this has a good score rating I will never no, it was so painful to watch, 90 minutes you will never get back again. There is very little story line, with acting that's I would class as a B movie rating, if you are glutton for punishment then watch it, otherwise give it a wide berth and watch something else, watching paint dry would be more entertaining than this.
Neither Prince Nor Pauper
Okay, so maybe the rating is too generous/exaggerated, it is still a good movie to watch. Not amazing, not unique, but definitely watchable.

My only objection would be the name ... 1 Buck. It may be catchy but the movie is not about that one dollar bill. How it changes hands is also completely irrelevant to the 'actual' story. Almost as an after thought did the movie makers try to add a good-luck-charm twist to it, and of course that did not work either.

The movie is still worth watching.
A solid work with the actors
'One Buck' is the title of a disturbing plot that shares equal parts with the thriller and the sordid but deeply moral drama of a modern society broken in many pieces. It looks for desperate exits without finding them, except if they approach the hell, which is nothing other than the salvation of the soul.

Although 'One Buck' does not have an absolute artistic originality; that is to say: a full author has not yet been defined and dedicated to a world of his own, he does have many virtues and certain formal findings regarding the treatment of violence and, above all, of sex. There is narrative economy, austerity, and commitment to the pursuit of a film ethic to be honest with the viewer.

There is a visual force that unites with a careful work of casting, and a solid work with the actors that contributes to painting the whole range of pale colors that 'One Buck' has from beginning to end.

Miguel Ángel Barroso/Cult Critic/CICFF
Not so bad movie with a perhaps exaggerated rate
It's not really my type of thing as lots of crime and sex occupies the screen. But apart from the 1 buck actually has little to do with the actual story, the form of tracing a 1 buck from beginning to end does feel something new. The ending's got an interesting little twist though. Interestingly as Harry has killed the serial killer, he gets killed by the drug dealer as well, simultaneously when the police came, and they don't seem surprised at all to him being killed. So it's very likely that the police has ordered the drug dealer to kill Harry. Please let me know if I'm wrong. Altogether, it's really not so bad a movie to see but the rate is exaggerated. 7 to 7.5 would be neutral.
Beautifully Shot and Well Acted.
First off, let me just say don't buy into the negative reviews. Some of them are from untrustworthy hack-like individuals with no constructive reasoning behind their rating. 1 Buck is a different tale about locals in the south with a marked dollar bill making the rounds only to expose behaviors and outcomes. Actors played their roles with excellence. Definitely recommended if you're not sensitive to the subjects and the dark and gritty tones that sets a mood that some would call depressing but most would call unfortunate events that happens in real life.
Good concept - bad execution
This movie has potential - some great scenes of down and out people in the American South - very gritty and well done.

But alas the whole production didn't pull together, photography was to shaky and closed in. The cop with a tortured past has been done so many times and needs to be downplayed, all those flashbacks are boring.

Very little research into the mind of serial killers, their trophy gathering, symbols and so on. Wanna be True Detective but fails as its overplayed and comes across as slightly misogynistic in some violent and crude scenes.
Almost fell asleep
Only reason I watched this is it's 9.6 rating, OK I guess IMDb doesn't care about real reviews because this is obviously a bunch of fake salted bias positive reviews. Rarely is a movie above 7.5 and usually that means it's about a 5.5 or 6. Calcutta int'l. film festival must be smoking crack or taking bribes or have an investment in the film, or relative in it. There description is like reading the journal of a coke head that hasn't slept in 4 days as well. A bunch of uncommon words looked up in a thesaurus thrown together out of context, making no sense. Waste of time, poorly acted, camera is all over the place like a drunken college kid in cinema class for the first time.
Reasonable acting for a poor script
Though I do not approve of them flash backs can be used effectively on occasion. This is not one of those occasions. The cast act up to a poor script in this bore of a film and some credit is due. For me it also suffers from a clichéd and predictable storyline in which the baddies are all bad and the goodies are bad too but with reason, and we are expected to sympathise. But it is impossible to identify with the two dimensional characters in this film and any attempted symbolism in a dollar bill is pure tosh. Don't waste your time.